New Haircut

His second haircut ever.

Just getting started…  Daniella dampened Ian’s hair and combed it.


I don’t know how she does this!  Daniella must have a magic touch because Ian sits still for her.

Ian would bat my hands away if I were doing this!  And trust me, I’ve tried several times to cut his hair myself.  Call me a Cheapo, but I wanted to avoid paying $18 (+3 tip) every month.






He looks like a little boy now!

dsc_6651bg dsc_6648bg

This is why I call him “Monkey”.  He climbs on everything!  (And when I hold him, he wraps his arms around my body like a monkey!)


Later that day, we filled the house with balloons to celebrate a special day.  That’s an entirely different post, but I need to get some sleep!  G’night.


Oh, and by the way, this photo was taken after a nap.  The boy has a bad case of bed head!

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  1. Lawrnece

    My little man driving the car. So cute. It is amazing that he’ll sit still for the haircut cuz that boy don’t sit still for nothin! Great shots!