The City By The Bay

I went back to my old stomping grounds yesterday… The city by the bay.  No matter how long I’ve been away, San Francisco always feels like home.

Here are some photos from the day…


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This may look serene and beautiful, but it was like the birds in that Hitchcock movie!  😉


There are always interesting sights in SF!

A woman who fell asleep with her feet up in the air (below left).

An overflowing rusty trash can in front of one of the most photographed picturesque areas in the city (below right)!

dsc_0078bg dsc_0134bg

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  1. Fantastic photos as usual..Love the photo of the girl sleeping! Hysterical

  2. Brenda

    so many great photos, annie! i love how you captured melia’s joy and excitement in that first photo!

  3. Lawrence

    Really great photos from a wonderful day in the city. The girls had a lot of fun, and Ian liked looking at the birds up close (the really, really big seagulls).

  4. Wow, Kaitlyn has grown up soo much! My favorites are the one of Lawrence and the three kiddos, and the one of Kaitlyn and Mia in front of the Palace of Fine Arts.