WOOHOOO — An Award!

I just got a call…

I was chosen for the Heidi Mauracher Award!  It is given by Professional Photographers of California and Golden Gate School of Professional Photography!


I am very excited (if you couldn’t tell).  🙂

dsc_5788bg2 Baby Stella, 1.5 years old

It was based on overall achievement, not from a specific photograph.  I have included a photograph from a recent shoot just for fun since this is a photo blog.

**ADDENDUM ON MAY 13, 2009**

With the Heidi Mauracher Award, I got a scholarship to attend Golden Gate School, which is a 3-day school that is held once a year by the PPGBA (Professional Photographers of the Greater Bay Area).  The only mention of my award was in the daily newsletter…


Not a lot of glory and recognition, but hey – I got to pick my class, which would’ve normally put me out $700, and I was in the BEST class!  Lighting with Andre Costantini!

Plus, I feel honored to have received the award because Heidi Mauracher sounded like a great person and photographer… someone I would’ve loved to meet and draw inspiration from.  Thanks to everyone at GGS and PPGBA!  This was a fabulous experience.  I learned a lot and had a TON of fun — and isn’t fun what life is all about?

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  1. Congratulations Annie!! You totally deserve the recognition and award!

  2. Annie

    Thanks, Es! I am pretty excited about it.

  3. Brenda

    congrats! that’s so awesome! it’s no surprise to me though… your talent was bound to be discovered by other professional photographers!

  4. I just wanted to say that I’ve enjoyed your images so much. I’ve just started doing artistic portraits as a business and dealing with a fair share of insecurity. Your work is inspiring to me. I also read your article over at DPS and it was very helpful since I’ve got a maternity shoot coming up in a few months.

  5. Annie

    Carrie, thank you so much for your compliments! It warms my heart to hear that my photos, my article, or my achievements can be helpful or inspiring to a fellow photographer! I truly believe that if you do what you are passionate about, then the rest will follow.

    I also checked out your blog and I think your photos are great! I’d wish you luck on your new business, but I don’t think you need any. You’ll do great! Just do what you love.