Updating Family Portraits

This morning I met with the C. Family.  We needed to update their family portraits because they have a new member:  Marissa!

Using photos from our photoshoot about 2 years ago, Will and Emi decorated their house (and I mean their entire house).  They have an extra-large framed photo above their fireplace, a wall gallery, photo books, and a digital frame that shows a constant slideshow of all their images!  It almost looks like their house could be MY studio!  It is awesome.  🙂

Soon after they finished their major photography project in their home, they found out Baby #3 was coming… and that meant we needed to take some new family photos!

Introducing 17-months old Marissa!


What was very important was getting a good formal portrait of the entire family.

Take One – Formal Family Shot


But we can’t have all photos where everyone is looking at me and smiling, right?

Take Two!


They are so cute!  I think it’s so funny that Marissa, who is standing in the middle, is looking at Alex… and probably not understanding why everyone is cracking up!

I think everyone should have one formal shot, but my favorites are the candid ones.

An In-The-Moment Family Shot


Upside Down Alex

Will flipped Alex upside down and then tickled him!  Thankfully he waited until Alex swallowed his mouth full of pretzels first – Phew!



Who thought being on the swings could look so good?!!  (Doesn’t she look beautiful with her hair blowing in the wind?  I love this natural shot of Sam!)


And I would like to end this blog with one of my random shots that have nothing to do with the family photoshoot!  🙂

Leaf with Sparkles

While taking photos of the C. family on a bench, I turned my head and noticed something sparkle on the ground.  It looked like a piece of cheesy sparkly fabric, but after doing a double-take, I realized it was a leaf with dew on it!  It was gorgeous.


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  1. Emi

    Annie, you are nothing short of amazing! Thank you so very much! I can’t wait for us to update the “Annie Gallery” in our house! Tee hee! I have to admit, with another kid in the mix, and a very active one at that, I was a little apprehensive since I knew we would be totally outnumbered. Thanks for making us all laugh, for running after us (especially Marissa) all over the park and for making all of us feel comfortable being ourselves at the park! Thanks also for the awesome pics! Can’t wait to see the rest of the photos!

  2. Emi

    Why can’t I stop looking at these pictures? Annie, you are amazing!

  3. Annie

    These are just 6 images too, not including my leaf one. You just wait til you get your gallery. There are so many nice ones, if I do say so myself. <:) It will be hard to create your gallery. I went through your gallery twice last night and narrowed them down to something like 500 images! Aiyaiyai.

  4. Andra

    I love the pic of the dad and sister kissing the brother, so cute!! Great pics 🙂

  5. Brenda

    i second andra’s comment. and i love the photo of sam on the swing! c family… you are one gorgeous family!