End of School Celebration

My firstborn munchkin finished her very first year of school this week!

So we went to Super Franks to celebrate it with her two best preschool buddies, Ryan and Kai.

Throughout our 3 hours there, Melia had the widest grin ever… even her eyes smiled!

DSC_5204bg DSC_5208bg

Best buddies…


Sweet Kai and his little curls….


Ryan rode on the motorcycle so much that he didn’t end up getting many tickets to trade in at the end of the night.

Ahhh, the price for speed!


Happy jumping up and down…


Hmmm, showing affection in the theater is NOT suppose to happen at ages 4 and 5!


I gave the kids glow bracelets for fun at the end of dinner.  So, of course that means they’d be under the table with them!  Eek.

Hand sanitizer anyone?!


Leaving with balloons and no more energy…


Melia fell asleep during our drive home.  I am certain today was her best day ever this year!   🙂

(And thanks, Frank, for everything!!!  He even called while on vacation to make sure his staff made this a special day for us!  He is awesome.)

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  1. Brenda

    no doubt, a HAPPY mia! congrats on the end of your 1st year of school!