Ryan’s Birthday Party

Ryan turned 5 years old this week and today he celebrated his birthday with some of his close friends.


No More Beating Pinatas

Thank goodness pinatas have ribbons to pull now.  I always thought it was wrong to beat your favorite character with a stick!

I like this photo because it captures the determination and anticipation on their faces!


Baby Brother Evan

Ryan also recently became a big brother to baby Evan, who is 7 weeks old.



Tired of Fighting

It was Dads versus Sons in a water gun fight.  Dads had teeny tiny guns (see photo below – ha!) and the boys had those 3 ft long super guns.

Luca was tired at the end and held on to his dad’s arm for support.  I love the way his back is arched and his head is nestled under his dad’s arm.  This is one of my favorite shots from today.


Younger Siblings

DSC_1892bg DSC_1662bg

The Grill

Vince (Ryan’s dad) told me how he makes slow-cooked pork in here… something like 10 hours on the grill.  Mmmmm.


The Eyes Have It

Ryan was actually making funny faces, so I purposely focused only on his eyes and got the top of his fuzzy head, which I find irresistible to touch.

I think this composition makes the photo much more interesting… though I do like photos of kids making funny faces!


I love the warm glow of the sunset.  The light even illuminated his lashes!


Happy birthday, Ryan!

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