Commercial Photography: RM Winery

This afternoon, I met with Lindsey who is the head of Marketing and also the daughter of the owners of RM Winery in Livermore.

By the way, RM stands for Rodrigue Molyneaux, but for most people, we prefer to say “RM” since *ehem* our French isn’t so good! 🙂

RM Winery is a very charming, family-owned winery.  The owners, Garry and Nancy, make all the wine themselves.  The venue and the people were all warm and friendly.  It was like being welcomed into someone’s home.

Well, they essentially are doing just that because Garry and Nancy live right on the premises.  And why wouldn’t they?  The winery is beautiful and quaint.

The Vines


Private Party Area

This cute area is for parties of up to 50 guests to rent out.  Lindsey said they will be putting up white lights in the trees above, which I think will be a big hit!

DSC_7498bg DSC_5350bg

The Tasting Room

Everyone was gazing out the window at the rolling hills.


Garry and Nancy

Aren’t they a darling couple? Watching them smile made me smile!


How many bottles of wine does one person need?!!

Just kidding.

This is Lindsey.  She was helping me set up the product shots by bringing all the opened and unopened bottles of wine.  So naturally, I had to take a photo of her.  How funny is it to see someone hold that many bottles of wine?


Product Photography

The Cab is their best seller.  I love Cabs myself!

I carefully positioned the bottle to catch that natural spotlight, which perfectly highlighted the label.


Lindsey and I placed our glasses down while we chatted…

Nah!  I don’t drink on the job.  I just wanted a different version of this product shot.  I think I like the one without the glasses better.  What do you think?


Chocolate Popsicle Bath

This is not a messy child, but a smart one!

It was over 100 degrees this afternoon.  In the sweltering heat, he was hands-down the coolest person in the area!

I couldn’t resist shooting him.  He was adorable.  Whenever he saw me, this 2-years old would say, “Cheese!  Camera!”

DSC_5267bg DSC_5269bg

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  1. I beg to differ. He IS a messy child. lol.

    I like the first one better, without the glasses 🙂

  2. Betsy F.

    I like the first one without the glasses, too. 🙂 You really take the most inviting pictures — whether it’s of wine, nature, or people, I always wish I was there!

  3. Shannon

    Definately the one without the glasses! Love the shot of the kid with the fudgsicle!! That’s what being a kid is all about – enjoying the sweet stuff 🙂

  4. These are so fantastic! I love the one of the “kid” with the fudgsicle too… but I’m a little biased.. he’s mine! And yes…he is one messy baby!

  5. Annie, You have done a wonderful job of capturing our winery.It makes me feel happy that I live there. Thank you for visiting us. I like the one with the glasses-it tells a story…