My Monkeys

A real photoshoot of my own kids!  Who would’ve thunk-ed!

I did this after a couple years of talking with my clients when I photograph their kids!  So often do clients ask if I have a ton of photos of my own kids, and I realize and embarrassingly admit that I don’t.  The busier I am with my business, the more I don’t pick up my camera when I’m at home.  I don’t mean it to sound like I don’t want to remember their milestones and such, but I’ve been doing that with my Flip video camera mostly.  I do pick up a camera now and then, but really just to snap photos around around the house.  Nothing frame-worthy.

So last weekend, between shooting a family and a winery, I brought my kids to a park and took photos of them!  Yay!

Here’s a funny shoot prep blunder to share:  I dressed Ian in preppy Janie and Jack clothes instead of his usual hand-me-downs and Old Navy attire.  He loves hats, so I got him a cute newsboy cap.  He looked so charming and handsome, except he didn’t have cute sandals to match!  So he wore his Teva-like sandals.  *sigh*

Ok, so check out some of my faves from this photoshoot, but pretend his sandals are cute brown leather ones!  🙂

My Monkeys:  4-Year Old Melia and almost 2-Year Old Ian



DSC_4762bg DSC_7241bg



This photoshoot confirmed what I already knew:  my own kids are the hardest subjects to photograph!  It was my most challenging photoshoot to date!

Anyone have a favorite?  I like the one of Melia holding up flowers in front of her face (that is SO her!) and the BxW profile shot of Ian (mainly the composition of the shot I find interesting).

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  1. Big Daddy (Lawrence)

    Wow, our kids look so serious. All contemplative and such. I think my favorite is the first one. It’s just a happy picture and with such great smiles. Spikey hair Ian is a close second.

  2. Hard to choose a favorite, cuz I LOVE THEM ALL!!! Fantastic as usual!!!

  3. amy nguyen

    awesome shots, annie! i love all of them, but especially the first shot! how the heck did you manage to get both kids sitting still AND with fantastic smiles and eye contact?!?! you’re amazing!

  4. Jeff and Winnie

    how did you get ian to do that? great shot with him resting his head on both hands… they’re both adorable Annie!

  5. Love Ian’s Janie & Jack outfit (and seriously, nobody would have noticed anything about the sandals if you had not mentioned it!). Loved all the pics!! Happy 2nd Birthday Ian!!

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