“Wa-pow!” sounds like a sound effect that a Super Hero makes, doesn’t it?

That is what I’ll title today’s photoshoot blog.  This is for two reasons…

1.  Kanoa (14 months) was Spider Boy with his super climbing powers!  He climbed things I hadn’t seen children 5x his age climb!  And…

2.  I want to point out the difference between traditional and non-traditional portrait photography.  The difference, I am calling “wa-pow!” — the noise a non-traditional photo makes when you look at it or turn to it (in my mind)!  Or, the reason could possibly be that I’m a little sleep-deprived right now, so I’m a little sillier than usual.  😉

Frame 1:  Traditional


Frame 2:  Wa-Pow!

Tee hee


Traditional Family Portraits

DSC_3390bg DSC_3117bg




Traditional Baby Portrait


Non-Traditional Baby Portrait


Family Fun:  Traditional (left) versus Wa-Pow! (right)

DSC_0191bg DSC_0151bg

I think it’s nice for all parents to get some traditional portraits, so I enjoy taking those during all my shoots.

I love the non-traditional (WA-POW!!!) ones because I love capturing an emotion or telling a story with a single photograph.  Or capturing a photo that elicits an emotion when you look at it!

The non-traditional ones also allow me to get creative and show my style, which is always fun.

Which do you prefer?

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  1. Patrick

    Love the pics, Annie!

  2. Michele & Albert

    annie…the pictures look great! the swing shot is our favorite! michele, kate, and albert.