Jenny’s Pick: BxW vs Color

This is a specific post for a client who will be ordering two of my custom-created storyboards!

The question is if this particular photo looks better in color or black & white.  Here they both are.  What do you think?



I think the photo captures some great expressions.  Kanoa was playing the drums on his parents’ heads, so he was loving it and the parents were cracking up!

I think the colors are great, but I am a little more partial to the BxW version bec the focus stays on the facial expressions.  However, you can’t go wrong with either!

For Jenny, she is considering this photo for a color storyboard, so I think the color version is a fabulous pick for the color storyboard!

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  1. amy nguyen

    both are gorgeous shots!!! tooooo cute! i think i favor the color in this instance, though — love how the colors of their clothing make them stand out from green/dark bkgd. annie, you’re totally right though — you just can’t go wrong with either!