Vote: Sharp, Hazy or Grainy BxW?

I took some shots of these darling animals this past week.  Can you tell what kind of animal it is?

It’s probably just me because I’m more of a City Girl, but I don’t think I would know if I just saw the photos!

And just for fun, I shot these photos differently, and then edited them uniquely too.  I can’t decide which I like the most.

Sharp Imagery & Soft Colors


The Sunny Haze


Your Nose Knows

This grainy BxW reminds me of an old BxW film where it is played off tape reels!


Just when I think I have picked my favorite, I backpedal and like another one better.

So, just curious, which do you like?  (And have you figured out what animal it is yet?)

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  1. The sunny haze gets my vote :o)

  2. I like the first one best.

  3. It’s a burro!! And while I love them all, the grainy B&W gets my vote as favorite…as this country girl knows, burros are full of attitude and the B&W captures personality!

  4. Lora, you are right. My husband saw this post and almost rolled his eyes! He thought it was obvious what kind of animal it is. So I must truly be a City Girl! I also had to look up “burro” to see if that was the same thing as a donkey! Don’t laugh. I need to brush up on my farm animals! (And for those of you who are like me, a burro is a small donkey!)

    So far, there is one vote for each photo style!

  5. the first one

  6. Jeff and Winnie

    The Ting Family votes for Sunny Haze too. Ian loves it that Mr. Burro is looking straight at us.

    Great shots Annie!

  7. Yvonne

    I like the first one the best too.