The J’s

It is always nice to meet someone who has similar things as you.

At today’s photoshoot, I met Jyothi, who is from Massachusetts and has a 4 year old and a 2 year old!  Playing with her kids, whom she said were “shy”, was easy as pie since it was just like playing with my own kids!

By the way, the boys were not shy in the least!  We played together so well that Jatin asked if he could come home with me after the shoot!

Where’s Jatin?


The Performance


The Details & Brotherly Love

DSC_9379bg DSC_9213bg

The Echo

Jeeth (2 years old) admires his older brother, Jatin (4 years old).  When Jatin would say something, Jeeth would repeat it, just like an echo.  What a cute echo he was!


Some Favorite Headshots

BELOW LEFT:  I love Jeeth’s face.  Jeeth is wearing an innocent expression that only young children his age have!

BELOW RIGHT:  Even without the sun, Jatin’s eyes sparkled.  I have about 10 shots just like this one because I love his eyes!

DSC_7874bg DSC_8092bg

Introducing GQ Jai and Model Jyothi!

Alright, they were a little camera shy actually, but you can’t tell from these photos!

DSC_0004bg DSC_8212bg

Jayani from Germany

The boys’ Aunt came in from Germany on Friday!  Jayani is Jai’s older sister.

After asking them if they fought as kids, they started laughing and had lots to say!  That’s how I was able to capture these natural shots of them.  They were so cute together.  Who had more embarrassing childhood stories of the other?  It’s probably about even!


It was fun spending the morning with the J’s — Jyothi, Jai, Jayani, Jatin and Jeeth!

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  1. Thanks so much! I had fallen asleep putting the children to sleep and awoke to find these! What a wonderful suprise! They are absolutely beautiful—I wanted to have you take our photos because I really loved your artistic style. I’m so glad you did. You’ve captured some amazing shots. I love them all–especially the boys in front of the wooden door, Jai & Jayani, and of course all the shots of the boys. I have no idea how you managed to capture that fancy footwork 🙂 of Jatin’s!

    The boys were talking about you and the creek for the rest of the day. They had a great time took a lot of coaxing to get them to leave they loved the park so much. Thanks again for everything….