Zach is Two

I took little Zachary’s 1 year portraits last year.  He was one of the most smiley, happy babies I had ever met!

(Click here to see what Zach looked like last year!)

He has grown so much since last year that I almost didn’t recognize him when he came to the door… almost.

He is still very smiley and always in good spirits, even though he was sick today.  We had to take many nose-wiping breaks.

At The Door


Happy Zach


Though he was sick, nothing held him back!  He still ran and climbed and jumped…

On the Ottoman


On the Bed


My Friend Stella

She was like a little person.  She went where we went.  She sat on chairs.  She looked up when I spoke to her.


At the end of the shoot, she came and sat on my lap!

When I got home, I found little paw prints all over my pants.


After Zach climbed and jumped on everything in the house (tee hee), we went to the local park to get more energy out!  Hey, Zach needed to have a good nap later, as did Mommy Steph and Daddy Humberto!  🙂

Whatcha Buyin’?

There’s nothing sweeter than seeing a child smile lovingly at his parent!  (I think Humberto is buying sand at the general store!)


No Toxicity Please!

This doohickey was blowing out toxic chemicals!  j/k.  Stephanie and I joked about that because there were three of these at the children’s playground and we didn’t know what it was for!


The Swings




My Favorite Family Shots Today



Oh, and thank you Weather Gods for withholding the storm, so the L Family could do most of their shoot outside.

Love the Light

I usually try to avoid spotty light, but here, it worked.  The light hit Zachary’s face and Stephanie’s hand just as he reached over to look under the umbrella.


Stephanie & Humberto…

…sitting in a tree, k-i-s-s-i-n-g, first comes love, then comes marriage, then comes baby jumping on the bed!  ha ha.

(I am dating myself with that lyric, huh?!!  Well, they are so cute here that the children’s lyric came to my head!)

DSC_2512bg DSC_2627bg

It was so nice to see the L Family again.  I can’t wait to see Zach when he turns 3!

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  1. Steph L.

    Annie, these are wonderful! If this is just the ‘sneak peak’, we can’t wait to see the whole enchilada 😉 We had such a great time with you today. You were right, taking these shots in our own home and in our neighborhood park and backyard made them all the more special! I especially love the Happy Zach picture…can’t wait to see more. So wonderful to see you again, thank you for today!

  2. Angela Gerstein

    Beautiful photos! Steph, Your family is amazing. I wish Annie lived in DC so we could hire her!