Newborn Twin Boys

These amazing little guys were born at 35 weeks, which is considered full-term for twins!

Congratulations to Scott and Janine for bringing such darling little babes into this World.  They are so in love with Guillermo and Gregory that they are already talking about giving them a sister — or at least Scott is!  🙂

The Best Gift Basket Ever

At 20-days old, Gil and Greg look ever-so-cute in a little basket.


We did the shoot at Tessie’s house (Tessie is Janine’s sister) and her livingroom wall happened to be yellow… as was the basket lining.

Together with the tan and brown bears, you’d think we had planned out all the details of this set.


Here are the fun-loving parents, Scott and Janine, who are enjoying their two gift baskets.  😉


Here’s Looking At Me!

I must’ve taken 20 shots to get this one of them with their eyes open and looking directly at me.  SCORE!!!

The parents are looking at the babies and the babies are looking at the camera.  I couldn’t have dreamt up a better composition.


A “High Key” Family Portrait

High Key refers to a high contrast, bright (from behind the subjects) portrait.

This is simple to create in a studio, but we were in a house with very little natural light because it was raining and overcast outside.

To get this shot, I put the family in front of a patio door (the brightest area of the house) and I did the rest in post-processing.  I looooooove the result!


The straight-out-of-the-camera image looks more like a silhouette of the family with blinds as their backdrop.  Most people would discard this image from their gallery, but not I!

Even when I took the shot, I had a high key portrait in mind.  And unless I lugged a lot of heavy lighting equipment to Tessie’s house, the only way to achieve this shot was in post-processing.  Ahhhh, the power of Photoshop!  😉

I’ll post a “Before and After” blog in the near future to show everyone some pretty cool transformations!

Guillermo & Gregory in the Buff

I love that the twins are completely awake, so you can see their gorgeous eye color.

Little did we know, they were looking all-innocent and sweet, but in actuality, they were peeing on my velvet cloth!


The Proud Parents

How peaceful it is to watch your babies sleep…


When I was going through my photos from today’s shoot and saw this one, I cheered aloud… all alone in the room… like a crazy photographer!

The babies are SMILING!!!!

At this age, they smile as a reflex, not socially, so to have both babies smiling simultaneously for a photo is like hitting the jackpot!


Doesn’t Janine looks fantastic?  Who’d know she was carrying twins just 20 days ago?!!

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  1. WOW Annie, I love the photos of the twins. I’m so happy you were able to take meet Janine and Scott too.


    Annie.. what a fantastic job you did with us!! I am teary eyed just looking at your work.. looking forward to seeing the rest of the shoot.. it was such a pleasure working with you!!

  3. Tessie

    Annie, AMAZING photos of the AXE family! You are a fantastic photographer. Can’t wait to have a Poster Size photo of my gorgeous nephews!

  4. It warms my heart and soul looking at these gorgeous handsome boys who came from wonderful parents. My favorites are the boys in the basket and in the buff. Fantastic photos Annie!

  5. Sandy Ficarra

    My eyes teared up looking at my new nephews. They are gorgeous and I hope their eyes stay blue. You can see the love that Janine and Scott have for each other and now for their new sons. God blesses everyone is such miraculous ways. The pictures were amazing and you did a wonderful job.

  6. The boys are so adorable I really love the pictures of them in the baskets!! Oh also tell uncle Scott… I forgot how great his tattoos are!!

  7. Mandy Ficarra

    Beautiful lil nuggets =) The pictures turned out great! I love receiving all the pic texts from you guys. Your family is gorgeous!!! <3 Luv u guys

  8. wow…i’m happy for the proud Mom and Dad…the kambal are soooo cute…hope to see them in person soon…they are so adorable….

  9. Sheila

    These pictures are beautiful! Fitting for a beautiful family.

  10. Ludy Montorio

    Awesome! Awesome! Awesome! These are just so CUTE! Excellent job Annie. My twinkies are not only Handsome and cute but they are such good babies too. Thanks for a great job!

  11. Lisa Hansen

    What a beautiful album. I have never seen anything so unique. Annie, you captured the feeling and the beautiful nature of the family!

  12. Priscilla Hung

    A picture is worth a thousand words. Annie, you’ve captured the essence of the newly expanded family. There’s a quiet dignity throughout. Good job! Janine & Scott, you’re truly blessed to have not one, but two beautiful babies.

  13. Tatiana

    awww these are all too cute!=) i love them!

  14. Fabulous work, Annie! You’re giving Anne Geddes a run for the money – and you’re winning. Just can’t stop looking at these pictures. Brilliant photography!