Newborn Twin Boys – One More!

In finalizing the A. Family’s newborn gallery, I discovered a favorite that I forgot to share with you.  Here it is!

Whisper In My Ear

Twins share so much, even from the time they are babies.  I love the closeness of Gil and Greg here, so I made it a tight shot to keep the feeling warm and intimate.


(FYI to Photographers:  This images is pretty much straight-out-of-the-camera.  I gave it an antique wash to put the focus on the babies and the basket set-up rather than all the colors in the room, which can be distracting.   The antique wash gives this image a classic appeal.)

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  1. Now this is my favorite shot! I love love love it!

  2. Annie – Another magic photo from your magic camera! Wonderful, simply wonderful.