Zac Part 2

I posted part 1 yesterday because I projected it would take a long time to go through the images from my out-of-town shoot.

This is so typical of me with photography… I ended up staying up late last night to finish going through all the images from Zac’s newborn shoot and worked on editing them today when Melia was at school and Ian was making a mess in the house.  *Sigh*  Sometimes you have to give a little (let your toddler mess up the house) to get a little (time to work)!   😉

This is a long photo blog.  I couldn’t help myself.  You’ll see why!  (I didn’t give away the farm either.  The full gallery is over 80 images, and I only put my favorites in my client galleries!)

In Natural Light

When I do an at-home shoot, the first thing I do is walk through the home to find which areas have the best light.

The “prettiest” rooms aren’t always the rooms with the best light, which can be hard for some clients to understand why we can’t shoot there.  With Andrew and Mike’s house, every square inch was like a museum.  Just gorgeous.


With the light source behind the baby, I had one of the parents help with the reflector.  This way, we get nice warm light where we want it from using only natural light from the windows.


Eyes:  a Window Into the Soul or a Mirror?

If you look closely enough, you can see me crouched in front of the ottoman in Zac’s eyes!

I love that this image is very soft, but his eyes are piercing. This would look amazing on a large canvas wrap.


Curves, Lashes and a Fuzzy Blanket

It is such a simple photo of Zac bundled in a baby blanket, but it really stopped me in my tracks when I was going through all the images.


A Bubble and a Double-Chin

Zac’s expression in this image cracks me up!  He was leaning up on this chair and sloooowly slid down as I was shooting.

We let him slide down to see what he’d do, and this is what we ended up with:  his mouth blowing a tiny bubble and his adorable double-chin!

The way he is looking at me gives him so much personality.  It is hard to believe he is only 8 weeks old.


Not Bride’s Shoes!

These baby Adidas sneakers were SO ADORABLE that I had to take photos of them by themselves.  I decided to shoot them like they were bride’s shoes!



Mid-Section Shot

I took this while Andrew and Mike were changing Zac into his trendy vest outfit.  They stood over Zac for a couple minutes and gazed at him lovingly.

I purposely focused on Zac to show how he is looking right back at them.


What Was Really Happening

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha…


Teen Zacky

He is only 8 weeks old, but from this photo, I can almost see what he’ll look like when he is a teen!  This will be his “come hither” look!  I can see it now!


Pondering Life

I mean, seriously!  What can an 8-week old be thinking about that creates that face?  “When do I get milk?”  “I wonder if I need to poo.”


Embraced with Security, Love, and Protection

Zac is one lucky little dude.

Zac021210-35bg Zac021210-66bg

Jack, The First “Baby”


A Contemplative Hairy Man

Even when parents successfully divide their attention between all their children (and that includes pets), sometimes the older sibling still feels jealous or even resentful.

I love this contemplative look on Jack’s face.  He looks like a person!


Feeling Like the Fourth Wheel?

Do you see Jack’s little face peering in the window?!!


Reporting Jack

I kept my mouth shut about Jack in the window until I got the shot.  Then I told Mike and Andrew, and out came laughter and “awwwww”.

What makes this image truly hilarious is the look on Zac’s face as his parents turned to look at Jack!  It’s as if he preferred having all the attention from his parents and is now disappointed.


Some Favorite Family Portraits




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  1. They are all great, but I looove the two with the doggie (Jack) in the window!

  2. You seriously outdid yourself, Annie. Fantastic as always. I agree with Es, the doggie in the window photo is priceless!!

  3. Andrew & Mike

    Annie, these are amazing! We’re blown away by the way you’ve captured the many expressions of our little boy and conveyed such a strong sense of family and home in these pictures. Thank you so much for sharing your art.

  4. Beautiful photos, Annie! Baby Zac is adorable, hard to believe he’s just 8 weeks old looking at these photos, with his many expressions. Jack is so cute too… his round little eyes and sweet little face tell a story in each photo. Love the 2 doggie in the window photos, ESPECIALLY because of Zac’s oppposite expressions! Also love the one where you just see the legs & feet of Andrew, Zac and Mike but get a full head to toe shot of Jack! What a beautiful home too!

  5. Beautiful! What a lovely family!

  6. Julie (Gigi) & Keith (Grandpa)

    Wow, thank you so much for allowing us to see how beautiful Zac is and what talent Annie has! Andrew and Michael, thank you so much for taking such good care of this beautiful little boy, our grandson.

  7. Oh, Annie, these are so completely precious! Congratulations to Andrew, Mike & Jack on your new addition!

  8. Darien Gee

    I think this is one of my favorite shoots — but honestly, I love them all! XOXO you amazing, talented woman you!

  9. I am Jon’s Aunt (Keith’s sister) The pics of Zac are wonderful. Thanks for taking such good care and loving him so much.