A Playgroup Baby Shower

Awwww… I am so touched.  The moms in my son’s playgroup threw me a baby shower!

Since I move as smooth as a Weeble Wobble (do those toys even exist anymore?), I brought my camera, but only goofed around for a few minutes…

Strawberry Cheesecake


Bagels and Cream Cheese

The kids loved the bagels, especially the chocolate chip ones!




Big Brother T-Shirt

Ian attempted to put on his big brother t-shirt that he got from his playgroup buddies.

I love the blurry image of the shirt on top of Ian’s head!

BabyShower0210-6bg BabyShower0210-7bg


Josh stood right in front of me when I had my camera, so I couldn’t resist taking a few portraits of this little cutie.  I love his baby locks!

BabyShower0210-8bg BabyShower0210-11bg

Thank you for my wonderful baby shower, Mommies!  And I love the gifts:  Ian’s t-shirt and my spa certificate!!!

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  1. So cute! I loved weeble wobbles as a kid. Not sure about their current status 😉

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