The Patient Princess

Two years.

That’s how long Melia waited to have a Princess Party!

Yep, she started asking for a princess party since she was 3 years old.  I had an art themed party planned for her 3 year old birthday, and then we skipped the big party thing last year as part of my parent strategy of raising humble kids by not throwing big parties every year.

So, even though there are times she demands to have things right away, I must say that she has also shown that she possesses a great deal of patience for her age!

Here are some photos from today’s long-awaited party…

Pre-Party Jitters


The Set-Up

The party was at Super Franks.  I love this place!  The service was top-notch and there were so many great details to admire.



Princess Dress & Princess Hair

Cinderella, Melia’s favorite princess of all-time, helped her pick out a dress from the castle’s closet and styled her hair.


DSC_9701bg DSC_9684bg

Thanks, Cinderella, for making my little princess feel so special!


Party Like It’s 1999!

DSC_0097bg DSC_9744bg

DSC_9805bg DSC_9811bg




Barbie Cake

Melia picked out her own cake this year.  She decided on a Barbie-themed cake before even stepping foot in the store.  Heck, she decided months before her birthday!  I had to bite my tongue.

When I taught 7th Grade Math years ago, I had a Barbie project where my students had to measure and draw Barbie to life-size while keeping the same proportions as the doll.

The result:  Barbie was staggeringly Amazonian and, if alive, wouldn’t be able to stand up because of the small size of her feet and disproportionately small waist and oversized chest!  I won’t get into it, but puh-leez — what kind of message about body image does that send to our young children?  Ahh, another blog, another time.  🙂


Party Favors

Handmade invitations and favor tags by Melia and Melia’s mom.


So Was the Two Years of Waiting Worth It?


You Decide!


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  1. Melia's Dad

    Such a fun party for little Melia. She really enjoyed herself and thanks to everyone for attending! Melia has such wonderful friends and it’s great that you could spend your Saturday with us! Happy Birthday Mia!!!

  2. LOVE the handmade tags and favors! How adorable! You’re an awesome mom! Wow, wish I had a birthday party like this one when I was 2.

  3. amy (san carlos)

    WOW!! What an awesome party! I wish we had a Super Franks on the Peninsula! And the pictures! Your pictures are amazing! And it’s doubly amazing that you were able to take them while acting as the host mommy! And Melia’s artwork on the tags is sooo impressive! PS – So cute, too, that there was one lone prince!

  4. its definitely worth a try to change my hairyle and colorst today, nice post.

  5. Brenda

    That smile in the last photo says it all! Pure joy! Looked to me like it WAS… the long wait was SOO worth it! And perfect in every way! Super job, Melia’s mom and dad and brother in throwing such a memorable party for one sweet little princess! What a great day it was for all who were present to celebrate with Melia! We’re glad we could make it! =)

  6. Derek and Sydney

    We had a great time at the party. I liked Melia being the princess and I the lone prince. I wish happy birthday to Melia.

  7. What a great party!

  8. Cheryl and Elizabeth

    Elizabeth had a wonderful time at the princess high tea! Thank you for a beautiful party and fun time! We are glad Melia included us on her royal guest list. 🙂