Soon Baby’s Baby

Years ago before kids and spouses, in the boom of the dot com era, Soon and I used to hang out together in San Francisco.  He called me “Tao Baby” and I called him “Soon Baby”.  I have no idea why.  It’s just something that stuck.

So today’s shoot was of Soon Baby’s baby:  7-month old Baby Brenden.

We had a great variety of activities in today’s lifestyle shoot.  Brenden had a bath, gave a piano recital, strolled around the neighborhood and played at the park.  We did this all under 2 hours.  Impressive, right?

Bathing with Ducks

I love this perspective!  I had to climb into the tub with him though.  Just kidding.

And what’s up with those ducks?  Maybe they are bobbing for fish!   =:D


Client Home Studio

When I first started my photography business, I didn’t believe it was right to change the original environment for a photo.  I guess I saw it as cheating.  It is also because I like the creative challenge.

But today, I’ve evolved in how I want to spend my creative energy.  It makes me laugh to think about some of the things I’ve done or asked clients to do — ie, cleaned table tops, picked up toys, moved furniture, and completely re-arranged a room.

The next few photos were taken in Brenden’s room.  We put a light-colored blanket on top of the bed and removed all the bedding and pillows, so there wouldn’t be any visual distractions.  It took only a couple minutes of prep work, and it made a big difference.

To shoot at the angle I wanted, I had to press myself against his crib and wall.  There was a busy desk immediately to the right of the bed, so I had to mind my angle and compose the shot as to not include the desk.  (It would’ve taken too long to move the desk!)


The Perfect Naked Baby Shot

In a split second, Brenden looked up at the camera, smiled (I can be pretty funny, ya know!) AND held his folded hands over his privates!


Clean Shots, Clean Baby

The next two are some of my favorites.  Yes, I know… I have a lot of “favorites”!

With the aperture almost fully open, I washed out the background, so the wall was just a beautiful creamy wash.  The focus was on Brenden and the delicious light!


I love this one with Mommy Christine in the background, the gorgeous baby backside, and Brenden looking directly at me.


Future Beethoven

Since Mommy Christine is a piano teacher, Brenden has been getting piano “lessons” and shows musical promise already!


Brenden’s parents enjoyed his piano recital.  As did I!  🙂


A Sunday Morning at the Park

DSC_7811bg DSC_2320bg

I feel so honored to be the one capturing Baby Brenden’s milestones.  To think that I was one of the very first people who had seen Brenden after he was born to seeing him laugh and sit at 7 months…. wow.  It brings a smile to my face.

(Click here to see some photos from Brenden’s newborn shoot.)

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  1. S baby

    Tao Baby these photos ROCK! Thank you. Today was so special since we (brenden, auntie annie, christine and i) shared unforgetable moments together while capturing them on film forever. On top of that, there were plenty of hugs (i miss hugging you even if i have to hug up), lots of wet kisses (mainly from brenden), and straight from the belly laughter. We are so lucky that one of our closest friends happens to be the best DAMN photographer in the world! We love you!

  2. amy (san carlos)

    awwwwwwwww! i love all the shots! and i can’t believe how big brendan is already! whatta cutie!! (i can see soon’s mom in him!) my fave is the nudie!! is *is* the perfect nudie shot!!