Camryn & Grant

Camryn and Grant’s mom asked me to “capture the youth and beauty of the children in an outdoor setting where they are most comfortable, relaxed and have the most fun!”  So well put!  And so easy to do because the kids were so fun-loving and comfortable with me, despite Stephanie’s “warning” and offer of “good luck” in capturing images of her “very shy” son, Grant (4 years old).

I relate well with kids and love playing with them, so I think even the “shy” ones warm up fast! 🙂

I believe that kids can sense when people are genuine with them and if they truly like being around them.

In the Garden

Sweet little Camryn is 1 1/2 years old.


Toys in Nature

One of the benefits of shooting at a woodsy park is there are plenty of toys in nature!

Logs, sticks, rocks = wheels to roll, chairs to sit on, swords to pretend-fight with, balls to throw!


It’s All About the Eyes

Though different in shape and color, Grant and Camryn’s eyes are equally mesmerizing when you gaze into them!

DSC_4126bg DSC_4094bg

It’s All About the Light

DSC_9122bg DSC_9734bg

Straight, Crazy & Silly

This is one of my favorite creative shots of the day.

I love the straight lines shooting in all different directions.  I composed the shot so that the pattern of the lines draw your eyes to Grant.  The linear pattern of the stairs is counterbalanced by the crazy crooked trees above.  And the shot is perfect because of Grant’s silly expression with his tongue.  You can tell he was concentrating!


The Details

The little bows on the toddler dress, the soft curls in her hair, the long lashes.  These are all important details to remember as each stage of a child passes so quickly.


Laying Down

The expressions on their faces are priceless, even with only half of Grant’s face showing!

DSC_4112bg DSC_3722bg

The Semi-Posed Shot

Ya gotta sprinkle some semi-posed shots into the natural candid ones.  Every momma wants one.  I admit it!

I have some of both kids looking straight at me, but this one is my favorite.  It looks so sweet with Grant looking at his sister and they are holding hands.


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  1. Love the gate shot with Camryn. You did it again Annie 🙂

  2. Stephanie

    SO adorable!! I’m going to have a hard time, I can tell!! The one of Grant on the stairs with his tongue out is beautiful and sooo him! Love it. And the one of Camryn in the white between those 2 wooden doors is gorgeous.

    I’m very impressed and cannot wait to see the rest!!! You did such a good job with the kids. Grant gave you 2 hugs so he must have really liked you. Good Job!!!!!

    Looking forward to the rest!!

  3. Yep, I was the lucky gal who got TWO hugs from Grant!!!

    Stephanie, I cannot wait to show you the other photos from today! Let’s just say, you should probably sit down to view them! 🙂 No kidding – I had to limit myself with this sneak peek bec there were so many “favorites”. That’s a good problem to have!

  4. Stacey Brunson

    Love this sneak peak. You completely captured the kids at their best. Loved them all. Stephanie will have a tough time choosing! They are all so good.