If I Could Talk

To celebrate little Ava’s 4 month birthday this week, I thought I’d have the first (and hopefully, the only) installment of “If I Could Talk”!  (Courtesy of Delirium due to prolonged sleep-deprivation)   😉

Whistling is soooo much harder than it looks!


This one smells the best.  Oh wait, I mean tastes the best.


That clicking black box is so rude!  It always gets in between my face and mom’s!


I… almost…. got it!  It’s right below my chin!  #@*&$!!!!


Meet my pal, Gi-Gi.  He doesn’t talk much.


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  1. OMG….! Can she be more adorable? You and your husband have excellent genes! Love it!

  2. Myra

    Love little beautiful AVA!!!! Gorgeous, just like her mommy

  3. Lili

    She is adorable! I do hope you get some sleep soon…

  4. amy (san carlos)

    i just wanna give her a big hug and smooch!!! (don’t let this be the last installment of “if i could talk!!”

  5. Millo

    I love the fat rolls on Ava’s ankles. Cutie pie. Sleep when the baby sleeps Annie!

  6. Emily

    Love the “talking eyes” of Ava! Can she be more adorable?

  7. Michelle

    Adorable! COngrats Annie