Extended Family Fun

Photoshoots of large groups flow a little differently than a smaller lifestyle shoot, such as a shoot of one family or a couple, because we need to actually have a plan as opposed to letting every minute be au naturale.  Yesterday afternoon’s shoot had a good balance because we knew we wanted some semi-posed shots of the extended family, but also wanted the kids to be themselves.  (FYI:  For the sake of this blog, I’ve left out the semi-posed shots.)

With 5 kids, spanning from 4 1/2 to 10 years old, there was no shortage of action and silliness.  And I’m not just talking about the kids!

Climbing Trees

This photo cracks me up!!!  Anton (10) was helping all his brothers and cousins up the tree.  Look at his face!


I can’t stop laughing!  Here’s another one…




An Afternoon Stroll

The grandparents took a not-so-quiet stroll while the grandkids raced back and forth.


With the Grandkids

I love all the big smiles!  Even the 3-eyed alien is smiling.  Tee hee.

Also, you may recognize two of the kids from my session last weekend:  Ali and Griffin.  It was great to see them again and get lots of hugs in!


The L Family

I love this shot!  Everyone was resting on the bench when the kids stopped for a snack.

I stepped back to take in more of the tree, and in doing so, I got the beautiful sun peeking over the building!  I also love the myriad of textures.


Stealing a Moment Together



I love this beauty shot of Irene.


Making an Escape

While all of the seated bench shots were taking place, I noticed Woody was sneaking out of someone’s purse.  🙂


The Snack Thief!

Aha!  Woody was trying to steal some Goldfish crackers!  He almost had it, too.


Underexposed:  Aliens

Peyton is giving Ali a piggyback ride, but with the wide angle lens and the low perspective of the shot, they look like aliens in this underexposed shot.  Love it.


The Bright Sun = High Contrast Shadows & Overexposure Fun

It was especially sunny yesterday, so we avoided the direct light for most of the shoot because it was too harsh for portraits.

When we did head into the bright sun, however, we were able to get some fun, creative shots.

DSC_8104bg DSC_3577bg

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  1. Ellen

    wow, annie, these look great! i love the picture with my parents and all the grandkids. everyone looks so natural and happy (except griff, of course, although he is giving a peace sign).

  2. I love that one too. Edward worked really hard on the behind-the-scenes entertainment! I had to use all my inner powers to resist laughing bec I didn’t want to shake the camera! 🙂

  3. Ellen – I’m editing your gallery right now and I see that it was not only Edward giving a show! ha ha ha. Nice work with using the frisbee on Mark’s head!

  4. Fred

    Wonderful pictures! Especially the ones with everyone at the big tree.

  5. luv ur photography style..very natural! when u go shooting, what’s usually in ur camera bag?

  6. Hi Jace,

    You can see a full list of gear in “My Camera Bag” under Links in the menu above.

    On regular lifestyle shoots, I carry 3 or 4 lenses with me: a prime lens for portraits and details, a wide angle for large groups, a walkaround 24-70/2.8, and my favorite zoom 70-200/2.8! If the shoot is indoors, I’ll also grab an external flash in case I need additional light and maybe a reflector. But overall, I prefer shooting with available light and not fiddle with gadgets because my shooting style is fast & I like capturing natural moments.

    Thanks for the blog love!!!

  7. Oh, and for weddings and newborn shoots, I also like bringing a macro for those close up shots!