Hanging Out at Home

Yesterday’s lifestyle photoshoot was at my client’s home.

Most of it was capturing what naturally occurs in their home that the shoot almost felt like my exclusive “A Day In The Life” shoot, where I follow someone around for most of the day.

Getting Ready

The kids clothes were laid out on the table for me, so I could help pick their outfits.

I like that there is so much going on in this shot, but you see two little faces looking at me:  Kristen (4) and Noelle (18 mos)!


Front and Center

I find this image absolutely fascinating!

The combination of Noelle’s serious face, the muted colors, and the reflection in the glass made me stop to look longer at the image when I was browsing through all their shots!




Time to Draw



This funny, yet beautiful image highlights this angel’s brown eyes.  Everything else, including the things in her room, are soft and understated.


Strip of Light

Here is another image featuring Kristen’s eyes, but it is vastly different than the one above because this one has high contrasts.  It is bold and striking.  Which one do you prefer?


Kid Magnets

Not the usual photo opp:  Mommy Emily was getting snacks for Noelle.  But it tells a story!

Just by looking at their fridge, you know this home has young children.  Hey, that’s what mine looks like too!


Snack Time

I love all the circles you see from a top view.


A Mother’s Love




Some Sprinkler Fun

The girls cracked me up when the sprinkler was on!  Instead of running through it, they would bring toys over to get them wet.  That was it.


“Mommy?  Daddy?  Let Us In!”

So we let Grandma watch the kids outside while I took Couples shots of Emily and Daniel.  It wasn’t long before the girls were at the screen door with their little hands and faces pressed up against it!


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  1. Emily

    Amazing pictures Annie! You’ve done it again. We were sooo nervous, and worried about the turn out. But, I guess we worry too much. You made the session so relaxed and comfortable for my family. Kristen was asking me “when will the picure lady come back again with the huge cameras?” “Maybe we’ll see her again when you gorw a little bit bigger.” I said. Thanks again!