The C Family

I love when things come full circle.  This year, I didn’t have many shoots at Stanford.  Maybe 3 times?  So as I was driving there to meet my clients this morning, I remembered…

My first shoot this year was on January 1, 2010 and it was at Stanford.  And today’s shoot — my last shoot of 2010 — was also at Stanford.

What’s especially cool about my last shoot of the year is that I got to photograph dear friends of mine who live in Southern Cal.

I don’t get to see them often, and their kids are the same ages as my kids.  We’re talking 2 weeks apart for our oldest and 2 months apart for our second children!  Weird, huh?  Last time we saw them, we went to my all-time favorite amusement park.

The C Family


Gravitation Towards Daddy

Nolan naturally gravitates towards George.  And his personality is sooooo much like George too.  I love his gentle and sweet demeanor.



Gravitation Towards Mommy

Max reminds me so much of my little monkey, so I had a blast watching him play and cuddle with mom.


I love the way Max is looking at his mom.  And I love that the wide angle lens and top-down perspective makes Soo look extra tall and long, like a giraffe!


Special Time With Max

When I heard that George doesn’t have photos with Max (well, I’m sure he has one!), I was up for the special task!

Step one: Break Max’s tight kungfu grip on Soo!  😉

You cannot tell Max is a “Momma’s Boy” when you look at these photos!  Not that there’s anything wrong with being a Momma’s Boy!  (I am happy to admit that Ian is a Momma’s Boy too!)

DSC_1832bg DSC_1837bg

This quiet moment is so endearing…


Playing Games

We played a number of games to get these shots.  Can you guess what they are?

DSC_1157bg DSC_0496bg



George & Soo

With the iPad as a temporary babysitter for the boys (tee hee), we had a chance to get some lovely Couple Shots!

This is one of my favorites.  I just love that the colors and patterns fill the entire frame.

Their love is so hot, they are in the Fire Lane!   🙂


One of the results of their burning hot love…


Happy birthday, Soo!  Thanks for visiting the Bay Area for your birthday and spending one of the days with me!  Lucky me.  🙂


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  1. We love them. Not only are the pictures great but you made the whole experience fun. The kids loved you and your energy throughout the whole shoot was amazing.

  2. gorgeous family

  3. you’re amazing! we had so much fun… who would have thought kids would have a good time taking pictures. Nolan and Max loved you! thanks again, annie

  4. caroline

    annie, really know how to photograph the chens! 😉
    wonder how it would go with the whole clan?

  5. beautiful pictures. beautiful family! great seeing you guys. hope we can see nolan and max and get the kids together next time.