I just spent an amazing afternoon with two amazing people:  Diego and Qing!

We went to Golden Gate Park and did just about everything — hung out, rode bikes, climbed trees, jumped off anything elevated, discovered hidden paths, went to a museum and even hid in the bushes!

It was such an AH-MA-ZING shoot that I had to peek at the photos when I got to my car!  I couldn’t even wait to get home to see them.  🙂

Here are a few fun shots from a few hours ago…




ATP_6714bg ATP_6715bg



Sunday Bike Ride


Double Exposure

I love this shot.  Love love love!


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  1. Annie…only you can make a rainbow effect come out of a photo upon a wish. Amazing! I’m running out words how to describe all your work. Love love love!

  2. Elvira

    I adore all your work! Amazing!

  3. Annie

    Thank you so much, Ria and Elvira! If only you could see the smile on my face right now! =:)

  4. ramli

    simply Amazing…!!!

  5. amy n (san carlos)

    amazing, amazing!!!

  6. Annie

    Thanks, Amy and Ramli!!!

  7. Stephanie

    Such beautiful photos. Can tell you all had a great day xox

  8. Diego

    Annie, what a fun time in the park today! Qing and I were so thrilled to get a sneak peek at your photographs! of course I love “architecture” but also “magic” and “double exposure” are incredible!

  9. Annie

    So glad to hear it, Diego! I can’t wait to show you the entire gallery! Stay tuned.

  10. Lili

    These are so fun! Live the light and the architecture and the location.

  11. Edward

    Sp Qing and Diego FINALLY scheduled some time with you. Not to overuse “amazing” already… the photos were AMAZING! 🙂 I saw some “fun” poses (done by one subject) in the gallery – I can only guess whose idea that was. 😉
    Glad you got to meet my buddies!