Alex and Cooper

My lifestyle family photography session today was at a beautiful park in the city by the bay.

Well, “beautiful” aside from the construction, broken glass on the ground, residentially-challenged who were sleeping and meandering around us, and unleashed dogs relieving themselves in our shots!  (Yep, that actually happened!)

I know this sounds almost wrong, but I didn’t mind these things at all.  None of us did.  That’s what love does… it makes us not sweat the small stuff.  And Kim, Ashish and I all shared our love for this city.

Today’s sneak peek focuses on Alex and Cooper, who are Kim and Ashish’s boys.  Cooper is the hairier one.   🙂

Kissing their Boys


Great Hair

Along with having gorgeous long hair, 8-month old Alex also has THE longest lashes I have ever seen.  No kidding.

When his eyes are wide open, Alex’s lashes actually touch his brows!  And when he looks down, well… see for yourself!  They look like brushes.

Now if only I had lashes like those, I’d be “working” them!   😉


Favorite Series





Alex didn’t cry or even make a sound after he fell.  He just laid there for awhile with one foot up in the air until we rescued him!

He is such a cutie… it was hard to resist touching and tickling him!  Focus, Annie, focus!

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  1. Alex and Cooper are adorable! I’m in love <3

  2. The dog and the kid are lovely.

  3. Annie, these are amazing! I am so glad we chose Dolores Park, despite the challenges you mention in your post 🙂 Ashish and I are so excited to see the rest of the photos. Thanks again!

  4. irene

    Hee hee, so cute!