Laughter and Music

Yesterday’s extended family photography session was at a special park in San Mateo where the Ting Family have a memorial bench dedicated to their father, husband, and grandfather.

It was a meaningful shoot… and it was full of happiness, laughter and music.

Memorial Bench


The Extended Family & The Big Kids

San-Mateo-lifestyle-family-photography-The-Extended-Family San-Mateo-lifestyle-family-photography-The-Big-Kids

Swinging in the Sprinkles

Yep, the weather didn’t cooperate this morning.  It was windy, cold and sprinkling rain — but, this didn’t stop the kids (and big kids) from playing!


Group Exercise

Mrs. T teaches exercise classes here, so I asked her to teach the group some things!  It was brilliant.


Mrs. T

She is one gorgeous grandma!


Throwing Ball with Dad

I love the composition with Daddy Jeff in the corner and Nolan’s facial expression as he caught the ball!  Love love!


Baby, Baby, Baby, Oh!

This was a group of Bieber Believers!  Daddy Jeff put on some Bieber music and everyone started grooving…

C’mon, you’re glad I put this video here, so you can hear it, right?!! 😉


These boys had some serious moves!


The end pose…


Behind the Scenes

It is not always easy to get a 3 and 5 year old to sit next to each other, look cheerful or show emotion.

Below is an example of a sweet shot I captured between two brothers.  You wanna know how it happened?!!


This is what was going on behind me!  Awesome, right?!!


To the T Family:

It was a joy to photograph your family yesterday!  I will have your full gallery up later this week, so stay tuned!



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  1. Louise

    It was so much fun to see. I really felt their joy. Great work Annie- so much family love captured, including the memory of their Father and Grandpa! Grandma Ting’s picture is truly gorgeous and the kids were being themselves- silly, cute and playful. What a great dad and uncle (Jeff) to keep the kids entertained. Very nice.

  2. Jeff and Winnie

    we love the photos. you really caught the fun in the kids and adults in your photography. we are really happy to have you celebrate this special gathering with all the family together through your pictures. the bieber video cracks me up, the boys won’t stop playing it… ha ha ha

  3. Love the photos! I’d love to visit the park next time and also learn a few moves from auntie Evelyn.

  4. Jess & Vlad

    Beautiful family, Beautiful Photos…shed a tear seeing the whole family on the Bench.

  5. So beautiful Annie. As if we were all there to view this celebration with the entire family. The memorial bench…spoke a million words.