Tip: Don’t Wait For a Smile

[After giving photography tips to fellow parents in my Kodak Gallery feature, I wanted to elaborate on one of my photography tips.  I wanted to share this after writing it last week, but have been busy with sick kiddies at home.  Have a great weekend!  ~Annie]

It’s simple.

Take photos of your child — or if you’re a professional photographer, of your client’s child — in whatever state they’re in.

Serious, curious, grumpy, sleepy, silly or sad.


Shooting how people are naturally is what makes the photography editorial and photojournalistic.

These are the kinds of images that will tell a story or show an emotion.  Don’t just wait for a smile or command a smile.


Of course, be respectful if they had just fallen and are wailing in pain, for instance.  It may not be a good idea to be in their face with your camera.  But if you can discreetly snap a shot with a zoom lens, then go for it!  Wait – did I say that out loud?!!

From that shot, you can capture daddy soothing his baby or mommy kissing a boo-boo, which are moments to be treasured.


Too often I witness people waiting for the “perfect” timing to snap a shot:  when the baby is smiling, when the little girl is looking straight into the camera, when the boy is laughing.

Capture the natural moments and you will capture personalities and stories behind the faces.

Here are a few more examples, just for fun: