Hot Mama! [The Bossi Bag Giveaway]

I love The Bossi bag sooooo much that I asked THEIT if I could give one away!  (Thank you, Nicole!!!)  I mean, how can I not share something sooooo beautiful?!!

This bag will cheer you up… be the statement piece to an outfit… AND keep your camera safe.  How many bags can do all of that?!!

[If you haven’t read my review yet, please check it out.  I have lots of photos of this beauty!]


Details to the “Hot Mama!  The Bossi Bag Giveaway”:

* This Giveaway will end on OCTOBER 15, 2011 at 11:00pm PST.

* Each blog comment counts as one entry.

* You can have up to 3 entries per person.  (See the rules below.)  The 1st step is mandatory to enter.

* At the end of the Giveaway, I will choose ONE lucky winner randomly.

* I will contact the winner either via Facebook or the email address given in their blog comment.  (It’ll be a surprise!)

* The prize:  THEIT will give a $150 merchandise credit to the winner, so she (or he) can choose their favorite bag!!!

* THEIT will inform the winner of the details (and restrictions, if any) to using the merchandise credit.

* If the chosen commenter does not correctly enter the Giveaway, the entry is disqualified and a new winner will be chosen.


How to Enter:

1.  Go to my Annie Tao Photography Facebook page, “Like” it, find this Giveaway post on the Wall and leave a comment.  Tell me one thing you love about photography or why you want to win this bag (in the FB comment).  Then come back to this blog post and tell me that you did this step. *THIS STEP IS MANDATORY TO ENTER

If you want to increase your odds of winning, here are more entry opportunities….

2.  Go to the THEIT Facebook page and “Like it”.  If you want, you can leave them some FB love on their Wall (optional).  Then come back to this blog post and tell me you did this step.

3.  Both Nicole, the Founder of THEIT, and I believe moms have one of the toughest “jobs” in the World, and they deserve to be stylish too!  So this step is dedicated to all the moms!  🙂  Leave a comment in this blog post about being a mom (or about a mom that you know). It could be something funny (ie, “I wore 2 different shoes to the store after I had my baby, so please let me win this bag.  I need it!”) or serious (ie, a parenting tip).  [Please note:  you do not have to be a mom to enter.]

[ADDITIONAL NOTE (10/1/11): Be sure you are making separate comments for each of these steps.  Each blog comment is one entry!  What I’m seeing is that some people are doing all 3 steps, but mistakenly enter only 1 comment.  That will be considered 1 entry only, not 3 (even if you stated that you did all 3 steps in that comment).  At the end of the Giveaway, I will choose a random number, which will determine the winner, so the more entries you have, the better your chances.  Email me or write on my FB wall if you have any questions!]

Good luck!


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  1. Natalie

    I am already a “like” your FB page and have now become a “like” fan of THEIT 😉

  2. Natalie

    This bag would be an absolute treasure for me because I would be more apt to take my camera more places, not just when I am “planning” to shoot! Not to mention it is adorable!!! Wouldn’t it be great if I could capture my own kids the way I can capture other people? This is me begging to win (virtual as it may be) Pleeeaaaase!

  3. Step 1 completed!

  4. Step 2 completed! Liked THEIT’s Facebook page and left them some love.

  5. Step 3: I am not a mom but I admire moms everywhere who do it all and keep it together! My mom raised 13 of us and one of my sisters had the first grandchild, my first niece and is currently going to college and working. She’s an amazing mom , and I’m so proud of her! Winning this bag will allow me to safely take my camera when I visit my niece and take millions more pictures of her. Thanks for the wonderful giveaway!

  6. Natalie

    Last step 🙂 Annie, I was already a fan of your page because I am so inspired by the editorial nature of your work, as well as your use of light. I love that I can always see the warmth and personality in those that you shoot! It always brightens my day when you post a sneak peek!

  7. I liked your blog on facebook and talked about how great TheBossi bag is!

  8. I already like THEIT on facebook, because they are the best!

  9. I love my mom and can’t wait for the chance to get to be one someday!

  10. Step 1: completed.
    Step 2: completed before entered.

    Step 3: I LOVE my MOMMY! If I win this bag I wouldn’t have to bother her for money to get it. J.K I’ve been waiting a bag like this for awhile now but saving up money for camera stuff is hard especially when I have tuition to pay.

    P.S Your work is so inspiring. I feel like going out and take pictures (especially of my little cousins).

  11. STEP 1 done… 🙂

  12. Bagnifiq

    Like Annie Tao Photography, and wrote on a wall post for contest!

  13. Bagnifiq

    I already like THEIT, but left a wall post!

  14. I liked Annie Tao Photography!!

  15. I also “liked” theit!

  16. Michelle

    I was just reading the article from DPS this morning called “Take the Fancy DSLR with You (Almost) Everywhere” and felt like the author was writing to me. Yes, my fancy DSLR is in the closet, yes, I need to carry it with me more often. I kick myself in the pants when I wish I had my camera with me and I don’t!!

  17. Michelle

    Liked TheIt!!

  18. I even liked the THEIT page ;). Ok, being a stylish mom is very difficult since you have no more time or money. I do have a stylish laptop and diaper bag, this would actually make toting the large Nikon stylish. I tend to carry the Lumix because it is small.

  19. amy n (san carlos)

    LOVE this bag! And I love your images and review, Annie! (Your pics really help show the details and capacity of the bag.) I love that you called out the metal feet in your post, too! Seems this essential detail is left out of some of the other stylish camera bags on the market.

  20. amy n (san carlos)

    Huge fan of Annie Tao Photography here…and just became an even bigger fan bc of your bag post!! (Just left a comment about the Bossi!) I love your reviews, Annie!!

  21. amy n (san carlos)

    Just “liked” Theit’s page. Gosh, how I love that FB is introducing me to great products like this! Woohoo!

  22. Shannon

    I’ve been one of your FB fans for awhile, but now I “like” THEIT’s page too! Thanks!
    Step1 and Step2 completed 🙂

  23. Love (not just Like) your work and your blog. Step 1 completed.

  24. Step 2 done.

  25. I was just pulling out sticky pieces of bubble gum out of my purse. Luckily they were not chewed! Someone (one of my 3 children) opened the pack and just dumped it back in my purse. They joys of being a mom! 😉 I could really use this gorgeous bag!

  26. Just “liked” your page and left a comment! (Kathleen Yeh) LOVE this bag!!!

  27. Just did step two as well 🙂

  28. And step three…last night I got probably a total of 45 minutes sleep…sick baby here. And then toddler came to bed with us too. Definitely, as a mom, we need to treat ourselves (or win!) nice things once in a while!

  29. Tracy Schlereth

    I did both steps. I’d love a cute and stylish bag for my camera, and other mommy stuff. My purse and camera bag has wet wipes, a few small toys, dum dum suckers (for bribery when I absolutely need 10 minutes of peace and quiet!) extra pair of Dora, Princess, or Tinkerbell panties (lol) and a pair of socks…..OH How I need a bag JUST FOR ME!!!

  30. I’m not a mom but I work at a daycare, with the 2 to 2 1/2 year old kids. They’re a wonderful group of kids. One of the thing about working with these kids is that they are always asking why and curious about everything. Here is some advice that I find useful/helpful its call:

    Memo From Your Child
    by Thomas C. Ritt, Jr., Arizona ACLD Newsletter December, 1975

    Don’t spoil me. I know quite well that I ought not to have all that I ask for. I’m testing you.

    Don’t be afraid to be firm with me. I prefer it; it makes me feel more secure.

    Don’t let me form bad habits. I have to rely on you to detect them in the early stages.

    Don’t make me feel smaller than I really am. It only makes me behave stupidly “big”.

    Don’t correct me in front of people if you can help it. I’ll take much more notice if you talk to me privately.

    Don’t make me feel my mistakes are sins. It upsets my sense of values.

    Don’t protect me from consequences. I sometimes have to learn the painful way.

    Don’t be too upset when I say, “I hate you.” It isn’t you I hate, but your power to thwart me.

    Don’t take too much notice of my small ailments. Sometimes they get me the attention I need.

    Don’t nag. If you do, I shall have to protect myself by appearing deaf.

    Don’t forget that I can not explain myself as well as I should like; this is why I’m not always accurate.

    Don’t make rash promises. Remember that I feel badly let down when promises are broken.

    Don’t tax my honesty too much. I am easily frightened into telling lies.

    Don’t be inconsistent. That completely confuses me and makes me lose faith in you.

    Don’t tell me my fears are silly. They are terribly real to me and you can do much to reassure me if you try to understand.

    Don’t put me off when I ask questions. If you do, you will find that I stop asking and get my information elsewhere.

    Don’t ever suggest that you are perfect or infallible. It gives me too great a shock when I discover that you are neither.

    Don’t ever think it is beneath your dignity to apologize to me. An honest apology makes me feel surprisingly warm toward you.

    Don’t forget how quickly I am growing up. It must be difficult to keep pace with me, but please, do try.

    Don’t forget that I love experimenting. I couldn’t get along without it so please put up with it.

    Don’t forget that I can’t thrive without lots of understanding love, but I don’t need to tell you that do I?

  31. I also liked THEIT

  32. Step 1: done and left comment
    Step 2: done and left comment
    Step 3: I am 9 months pregnant with my first child. For my shower gift I received a new camera which I love! I took photography in high school and love taking pictures. I can’t wait to take pictures of our new family! I have been looking for a new bag and would absolutely LOVE this one. It is stylish and would allow me to take my camera wherever I go. I am so excited to become a mommy and have my child grow up with their cousins!

  33. Soo Chen

    hi, Annie! i did both steps!

  34. Liked your FB page, Annie!

  35. Liked the Theit FB page!

  36. Being a mom is the best (and hardest job)…..and even the toughest days can be fixed with a brief smile or hug from our little ones! They seem to make us laugh at the perfect time….RIGHT before our official breaking point!

  37. STEP 1 Done! Already liked your page for a long time! Liked your post, added comments. Have a great weekend.

  38. Continuing to “like” your FB page and left my comment. See you tomorrow!

  39. “like” Theit and left a comment; Re: Being a mom: that’s why I’m up right now trying to pull everyone’s outfits together for our photo shoot with Annie tomorrow =)

  40. I liked your FB page and enjoy your life style approach 🙂

  41. Jen Helow

    I like your FB page – your post about the bag, and left a post!!!

  42. Jen Helow

    I liked the Theit FB page!

  43. Jen Helow

    I am a new mom with a 3 month old daughter Emily. I LOVE being a mom – even more than I expected to! It’s amazing to watch her learn new things every day. Yes it is a difficult job, but I wouldn’t trade it in for anything. I asked Santa for a Nikon D7000 last Christmas so I’d be all set to record my daughter’s beautiful smile, hysterical, cries, and everything inbetween. I’ve loved taking photos of her each week, and have started a blog of her weekly changes!
    Oh – and to Mai who posted the Memo From Your Child… that’s great! I’ll have to keep that around for future reminders to myself. 🙂

  44. Tequila Burns

    I liked your page on facebook and commented

  45. Tequila Burns

    im a fan of THEIT on facebook! love them

  46. Tequila Burns

    I’m currently 2 months pregnant with my first child, I’m nervous,excited, terrified and any other emotion you can think of, my hormones are all over the place but im looking forward to welcoming our new addition to the world. I would use the bossi bag as camera/bag bag lol..multitasking.

  47. Jennifer T

    Complete Step 1

  48. Jennifer T

    Completed Step 2!

  49. Jennifer T

    Step 3 – I love my mom because she is amazing and has been so supportive of my brother and I throughout all the years. <3 i love her!

  50. Step 1: Completed! Thanks!

  51. I have liked your page on FB, I am really excited, I saw this giveaway via FB THEIT page, to read your blog, and see your photography!

  52. I already liked THEIT on FB, I love their camera bag, I would love to have one!

  53. step one: complete

  54. One day I will be a mother, until then I want to be the best Aunt for all my nieces and nephews (19 total).

    All of my sisters and sister-in-laws, have been amazing mothers, and have raised beautiful, intelligent, and caring children. I love being around them and hope that I can learn from all the things that they do, for my future little ones.

  55. Ksenija

    I liked your fb page, and even more so your moments 2010 photos. 🙂
    Step 1: completed.

  56. Ksenija

    I have been a fan of THEIT bag fb page for some time now, so: step 2-completed.

  57. Ksenija

    I am not a mom yet, but I hope to be like my mom, supporting me in everything, especially, posing for me for hours when I was just twelve and dreaming about becoming a photographer.

  58. I did step 1 🙂

  59. Just liked Theit on FB 🙂

  60. Step 3: Love being a Mom, I just can’t get over how fast they grow up so I am trying to capture as much as possible on camera.

  61. I liked your page! I love the IT!

  62. I like The IT fb page

  63. I am a mom to three kids under the age of four. It is so hard and I run around half the time like a chicken with its head cut off but I can’t imagine my life being any other way!

  64. Aimee

    Completed Step 1. Onto step 2. Thanks for setting up a great giveaway!

  65. Aimee

    Step 2 completed: Love seeing such style for function.

  66. Aimee

    I love watching my son play and grow. I want to capture each moment and save it. Photographs allow me to keep a little piece of those moments.

  67. Annie

    step 1 – done!

  68. Annie

    step 2 – done!

  69. Annie

    step 3 – i’ve officially become a mom since carrying the mom purse full of everything imaginable. some days, i have even surprised myself. if i am lucky enough to be selected, i promise to take care of THEIT bag as one of my own kiddies…maybe even better! ;P

  70. I liked your page and left a comment!

  71. I liked Theit page!

  72. I am not a mom, but from my mom I have learned to take one-on-one time for each one of your children… they’ll appreciate it!

  73. I liked THEIT on fb! 🙂

  74. I believe that one of the great things about being a mom (according to mine) is the chance to see the rewards and accomplishments of your child. She says that’s the most satisfying thing in the world.

  75. I just “liked” your Facebook page 🙂

  76. I like Theit on Facebook

  77. I am a mom & my best advice is do not keep your camera on the top of your diaper bag – mine fell out onto the street while loading the car & needed repaired 🙁 So this camera bag would be amazing! Thank you Annie Tao & Theit for doing the giveaway 🙂

  78. Liked your FB page and left a comment! (Jenny Wong) 🙂

  79. I’m already a fan of THEIT FB page!

  80. I love my mom! 🙂 Need I say more?

  81. Liked your page on FB!

  82. Liked THEIT’s page on FB, too!

  83. I’m not a mom yet, but I’ve had the best role model in my own mother – she totally embodies the concept of unconditional love. 🙂

  84. Monica F.

    Done and done! Like and Love!

  85. Alisha

    Step one done! Thanks for putting this contest together!!

  86. Alisha

    Step 2 done 🙂

  87. Alisha

    Step 3 … Being a mom I’ve learned it’s amazing the things you know, and yet still get knocked down by

  88. Amy Hoang

    I liked your fb page! The photos are inspiring!

  89. Amy Hoang

    step twoooooooo is completed 🙂

  90. Amy Hoang

    i liked theit’s fb page! 🙂

  91. Amy Hoang

    i’d like to thank my mom for always supporting me with my photography & allowing me to be able to grow and learn from my mistakes instead of punishing me (too hard haha) <3 i love you mom!

  92. lynne

    Live the FB page!

  93. hey annie – still diggin this “hot papa” contest! 😉 enjoying the cool socal weather today. hoping to get some b-ball time in today before the 3-on-3 tournament starts. will post pics and video of the event as it happens.

  94. Liked you on Facebook and left a comment,Facebook name is Kathy Detweiler thanks!

  95. Liked THEIT Facebook page
    Facebook name is Kathy Detweiler

  96. I was an empty nester for 4 years and then my son moved back home a couple of months ago to go to college, I have to say I’m loving being a full time mom again!

  97. Lauren

    I liked you and I left a comment as Lauren Becker 🙂

  98. Lauren

    I’d love to win this for my sister in law, who is a new mom. she has a five month old little girl, and she’s an army wife, whose husband might be deployed at any moment. and yeah, that’s my anecdote. she’s gotta be strong!

  99. Louise

    Step one is already done!

  100. Sheila

    I found your site on the LinkedIn group – Women in Photography and was excited to see the info and the giveaway. Love your site and your beautiful pictures!

  101. Sheila

    I just liked THEIT page on FB! Love, love, love the look of the bag 🙂

  102. Sheila

    I’m a mom and a recent Mother In Law – that sounds weird to say because I don’t feel like I’m old enough to have a married daughter 🙂 Hopefully in a year or so, I’ll have some grandbabies to take lots of pictures of!

  103. Gauri webster

    Step 1 done. Would love to have an all-occasions camera bag so I don’t miss any moment of my sons life:)

  104. Gauri webster

    Step 2 done.

  105. Gauri webster

    Step3 ever since I was 12 my dad encouraged me to take photos n handed me my first camera. I entered competitions n won. Loved shooting n being shot. I am trying to encourage the same love for photography in my son who takes fab pictures even at the age of 4. I love being able to encourage n teach my son the same way my dad did. That would be my heritage to him in years ti come. 🙂

  106. rita h

    i completed step 1 🙂

  107. rita h

    step 2 completed also!

  108. stacy h

    i liked your fb page stacy lynn b h and commented that it captures a moment… hancoci_s at msn dot com

  109. stacy h

    i ‘liked’ theit =) stacy lynn b h
    hancoci_s at msn dot com

  110. stacy h

    today i needed to ‘escape’ after a full morning of temper tantrums by my 2 yr old… got to leave the house by myself and then had no idea where to go! ended up shopping… for the baby… LOL hancoci_s at msn dot com

  111. I am already a huge fan of yours so had already Liked your page ages ago 🙂 Just now I’ve left a comment on your giveaway link there!

  112. Hiya, just found your blog today. Left a msg on your facebook and liked ya.


  113. Liked theit on facebook too.


  114. Amy K

    I liked your FB page and left a comment!

  115. Amy K

    I liked and left love for THEIT

  116. Amy K

    My mom post: I generally drop my kids off at school in my PJs after a late night editing session. hahaha

  117. I love carrying my DSLR everywhere with me and very soon am going to be a first time mom 🙂 So am very excited about taking pictures of my little one everywhere we go! Only one problem… i need to find a bag that can accommodate Mom me + Photographer me and you might just be able to do that, thanks! 🙂 So if I win this bag, I am sure i will avoid wrapping my camera in a diaper to carry with me in the diaper bag 😉

  118. Christian

    I left a comment on your FB giveaway post.

  119. I “liked” your facebook page and left a comment on the post! I’d love this bag to tote around my brand new camera in!

  120. I am already a fan of THEIT’s FB page! 🙂

  121. I ‘liked’ your facebook page and the Theit page.

    I am 21 years old and not yet a mother. I hope that someday, when I am mentally as well as financially prepared, to be the best mother that I can be. I don’t ever want to be deprived of anything. I’m using photography as a way to pay my way through college to become a registered nurse to be able to do provide for my future family. I go to school during the week, and do portrait work and freelance photojournalism for the local newspaper on the weekends.

  122. A photo is a treat to the eye; so is a sexy bag!!!

  123. ^^^ I don’t ever want to deprive my children of anything****

  124. I’m not a mom yet, but I have learned so much from my own mom. I used to get annoyed with the amount of pictures she would take on trips or random occasions, but now I look back and am glad she did because we have so many great photo albums full of priceless pictures.

  125. Theit bags are classy and functional. Who says we cant look and feel as good as the people we’re photographing in front of our lenses!?

  126. Annoys page was amazing!!! I stopped by and liked and enjoyed!

  127. Liked the bags… Loved thevoages… Liking the page is easy, stopping the reads of everyones photos and posts is tougher! Lol

  128. Liked you on facebook and commented!

  129. Like Theit on Facebook!!

  130. I liked your facebook page and left a comment on the giveaway 🙂

  131. I “liked” theit on facebook

  132. As a mom to 9 month old twins, I have learned one thing – you may be the milk truck, but there’s nothing better than seeing their eyes light up when they realize it’s time to eat.

  133. I “liked” Annie Tao Photography!!!

  134. I’ve ‘like’ Theit’s FB page for a long time now! Beautiful bags!

  135. The quote, “In raising my children, I have lost my mind but found my soul” rings particularly true in my life. There may be some low lows, but nothing compares to the highest of highs in nurturing and loving my children!

  136. Kaitlin

    I liked your facebook page and posted a comment 🙂

  137. Kaitlin

    I also “liked” THEIT’s facebook page!

  138. Kaitlin

    My mom was truly meant to be a mother, and she was and is still an incredible one. I admire her so much and hope to someday be like her and make my children feel as loved as I always have.

  139. Morgan Fries

    Hello Annie! I did all 3 steps and liked the Theit page of course! Please read my comment I left on your wall under your giveaway for this bag! Please&thank you, have a wonderful day!

  140. Mackenzie

    I left a comment on your facebook page after I “liked” it.

  141. Mackenzie

    I “like” THEIT bag on facebook.

  142. Mackenzie

    I unfortunately have to work right now, but the best part of my day is coming home. My advice…be happy being in the moment with your kids. Don’t think about what you need to get done, think about the time you are spending with your kids.

  143. Amber

    Step 1 completed!

  144. Amber

    Step 2 done and done!

  145. Amber

    Being a mom is an amazing gift! Even while my husband is gone, normally 6 months/year, I have a tiny piece of him in our children. They are a blessing and I *LOVE* doing their portraits in between all my clients’ sessions so that I am documenting their growth and personality as well!

  146. I “like” Annie Tao Photography:)

  147. I “like” THEIT Fb page:)

  148. Thank you sooo much for this wonderful giveaway:)
    I am a mom of 2 wonderful children, learn to be the best mom I can be from my wonderful mom:)
    I would love to be a stylish with the fabulous bag from Theit, instead my boring Nikon bag:)

  149. Always keep plenty of wipes near by when changing a diaper. I have never had poop on my body till I had a baby! talk about blow outs!!

  150. Mallory Megan

    Commented and liked both pages! I tried to post a comment earlier, but didn’t work 🙁 So here’s a 2nd try. The mommy connection is special today. Not a mommy myself, a dear friend and co-worker of mine is celebrating her last day. Come Monday she’s going to take the next step as a stay-at-home-mommy while starting up a new small daycare. I know she’s SUPER scared. But it’s by far THE BRAVEST thing (aside from the actual birth) that I think a mommy can choose to do! And her new little boss is SUPER CUTE!

  151. Mallory Megan

    Did step 1

  152. Mallory Megan

    And 2 & 3 (see first comment from meee ;))

  153. Carlie Hendrick

    I liked your FB and told you about how much i LOVE the THEIT bag. Also, I love your work. Very clean, and beautiful!

  154. Carlie Hendrick

    I have been a fan of THEIT for ages!! LOOOVE them. Finished Step 2

  155. Carlie Hendrick

    I am soo excited for this give away….i REALLY WANT TO WIN! I am not a mother yet, but I am getting married in a few months and I am so excited to bring children into this world. I am the oldest of 4 and I love my younger siblings. We have one of the best mothers in the world. And I pray that one day when my children come I can be just like her.

  156. I “liked” your FB page! AND left a comment on why I love photography on the wall under the giveaway post! 🙂 Pick me pleaseeee!!

  157. I “like” THEIT fb page!! Pick meeeeee!! 🙂

  158. I’m the devoted and adoring mom of a 19-year-old college student, and a sad empty-nester now. The love of my life, my son Josh, is a sophomore in college, much to my dismay and chagrin. Where has the time gone. I swear that I blinked when he was four and when I opened my baby blues that so match his, he was in college. Living in his own apartment. And going on three years with a truly lovely young woman. My heart swells as my eyes well. My baby is so grown up. Please choose to gift me with a beautiful THEIT bag as a consolation prize for being a mom. Ever loving. Ever accepting. Ever supportive. Ever true. <3

  159. liked you on fb & left my plea for why i NEED (ok want want want and need)to win!

    xoxo, jenn
    the stylish housewife

  160. i liked theit on fb & commented!!! love love love the bossi (did i mention i NEED it)!

    xoxo, jenn
    the stylish housewife

  161. after trying (and failing) to put together a bday party for my son’s first bday, i was in tears for about a week. i sent out a save the date and got immediate responses that most of my friends could not make it for one reason or another. it broke my heart. so instead i threw him an elmo party and even gave myself an elmo manicure and we had a very small (but amazingly special) family only bday party. i got my pics of his first time eating cake which is all that really matters anyways, right? =) so now momma just needs that bossi bag and all will be right in the world!

    xoxo, jenn
    the stylish housewife

  162. Jessie Boan

    Step one done. (facebook name Jessie Boan also)

  163. Jessie Boan

    Already a THEIT facebook fan – left a comment.

  164. Jessie Boan

    As a mother of nearly 4 kids aged 5 and under, I rushed out the door with a quick glance in the mirror and thought I looked tidy (which is the best I can manage sometimes). Much later that day I realised my youngest had spit up milk all down the back of my black top! Sigh!

  165. My mom is going thru some ruff times right now and I think she would love to win a purse from Theit. Pick HER !!!

  166. I just liked your Facebook page and left a comment!

  167. I just liked THEIT’s Facebook page! 😀

  168. Lawyer (piaa)

    Liked and commented! 🙂

  169. Lawyer (piaa)

    Moms have the most difficult job on the planet, they truly are superwomen. Who has more jobs than a mom – doctor for those aching tummies, atm machines for those begging teens, teachers, mentors, cooks, drivers, coaches, you name if. My mom is all of those thimgs and i truly admire her and all the moms who work this 24/7 job.

  170. Lawyer (piaa)

    Like the page!

  171. Lawyer (piaa)

    Liked the Theit page.

  172. Lawyer (piaa)

    Liked the Annie Tao page. Awesome pics. 🙂

  173. Lawyer (piaa)

    Also like the THEIT this bag. Definitely gotta have it.

  174. I like you already…!!…

  175. I like THEIT also!!!

  176. Moms are fantastic creatures!!… are capable of everything… they give their best away… they keep the world spinning!!!! I´m so proud to be one of them!…

  177. Florence lee

    I had already liked your Facebook page since I saw you on the kodak gallery! Just left a comment too for step 1!

  178. Florence lee

    Step two done! Liked THEIT!

  179. Florence lee

    When my baby was a week old, her doctor came over for a home visit. She was telling me how to relieve my baby’s gas and constipation. The next thing I knew while cradling my baby, she poops right into my bathrobe pocket! (sign) poop happens! At least I didn’t have to clean my floor.

  180. I liked Annie Tao Photography Facebook & Commented on the Giveaway post on the Wall (in the FB comment)- Step 1 🙂

  181. Step 2- done.
    I liked THEIT Facebook page

  182. I got thrown up on for the first time because my niece was sick for the first time. Projectile Vomit- funny thing is, I didnt care, and she wasn’t even my child 🙂
    My sister works so hard at a mom to my niece, I love her more everyday for it

  183. Christine Owens

    I liked you on facebook and commented on your giveaway post on your facebook wall, would love to win!

  184. Christine Owens

    On the days when you have breast milk on your shirt, your child’s diaper explodes all over you and you haven’t showered you could really use a stylish bag to make you feel a little better 🙂

  185. I liked your page on Facebook and commented! I’d love to win!

  186. I also liked THEIT Facebook page!

  187. I think the hardest part of being a mom is sometimes having to play the “bad guy” – I know now that my mom just wanted what’s best for me, even if I resented her for it at the time! I love my mom!

  188. i became a fan of your facebook page and left a comment on the contest thread <3

  189. i am also a fan of theit on facebook <3

  190. i am not yet a mom (hopefully one day!) but i think the hardest part is letting your children grow up. it wasn’t too long ago that i was a teenager, and i think back and say “if my child does what i did at that age, i will kill them!” the world is such a scary place, and it’s a daunting feeling to know that one day you have to let your children out into it and trust they will make good and healthy decisions.

  191. Kristine

    Step 1 completed! Random generator, pick meeee! 🙂

  192. One more story – I wear a lot of black. I have found that it doesn’t work well with babies (spit-up) but black shoes are ok. That is, unless you don’t notice until you are at work wearing two completely different pairs of black shoes. Oops. Before baby, I would have noticed. After, I’m lucky to get out the door in a timely manner.

  193. And my D&G purse keeps falling apart, literally. It’s leather and bolts holding it together so last time I went to home depot to try and buy spare parts to fix it. I need a camera bag but since I haven’t had time to get a regular bag, it’s not going to happen anytime soon!

  194. LIKED Theit 😉

    From a blog post on FB:

    Funny Bunnies #10
    By Virginia Young · Sunday, February 22, 2009

    It’s late one night and Chloe is crying hysterically. I pick her up from her bed to comfort her. I carry her out into the family room and as I’m soothing her, I can feel her tears dripping on my feet. “Wow, Chloe…big tears!”

    My friend glances over as I turn in his direction, and he says, “Ummm…those aren’t tears. She just threw up on you.”

  195. love love love it!

  196. I like Annie Tao Photography and commented on the post! 😀

  197. I like THEIT!

  198. I love all my Moms (I have 4 )! I am so lucky to have so many amazing women looking out for me.

  199. Step 1 completed!

  200. Step 2 completed – like THEIT. I am pretty excited to learn about this company – I had never heard of it before

  201. Step 3 – Since my son was born almost a year(!) ago, I have not made many, if any fun wardrobe / accessory purchases for myself. This bag would be a great kickstart to 1) explore other alternatives beyond yoga pants on the weekend 2) retire certain items from my prebaby work wardrobe 3) thoroughly inspect all garments for spit-up stains before leaving the house!

  202. Louise

    Step 2- “like” THEIT

  203. Margaret Angulo

    I’ve found the Facebook post! Liked you, and left a comment!

  204. Margaret Angulo

    Also liked THEIT!

  205. Margaret Angulo

    My daughter was born one week before Christmas. That year, we were so caught up in “new baby” that we forgot to exchange gifts until almost dinner time!

  206. Tara Primeaux

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    nice blog and nice pics! 🙂

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  210. i am not a mom but already engaged and my bigger dream at life is to be a mom, i admire girls that have a profession and also have kids, they share time so well. i hope to be soon one of them super moms 🙂 thank u 4 this giveaway 🙂

  211. I already like them on facebook. Their bags are beautiful. I’ve had my eye on the black one for a while.

  212. Valerie

    step 1 complete and I love your photography and the bag!

  213. Valerie

    Liked Theit FB page. I am a grand mama and I love to take pics of the little ones. No 2 pics are alike. There is such beauty in their faces which tells many stories. I never travel without a camera. It’s like leaving the house without shoes!

  214. Rosa P

    Step 1 completed! :]

  215. Step 1 complete!

  216. I already like THEIT on facebook 🙂

  217. Rosa P

    Step 2 completed also! 😀

  218. Rosa P

    I love my mom oh so very much, and I’m so happy that she’s always supportive of me <3

  219. I’m a first time mom to a gorgeous 10 month old little girl and my camera is pretty much glued to me at all times. Winning this bag would be such an amazing gift to my baby toting self!

  220. Christine Vo

    Step 1 complete!

  221. Christine Vo

    My mom has always done so much for me to help me get this far. She doesn’t know how much I appreciate everything she’s done, but I really love her a lot(:

  222. Christine Vo

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  223. I “liked” your page on Facebook and I commented. 🙂

  224. I “liked” Theit on Facebook.

  225. Kathy Vo

    I liked and commented on your facebook page 🙂

  226. Kathy Vo

    step 2 done!

  227. Kathy Vo

    I often see my mother as a strict tiger, crazy, overprotective mom that I can barely handle, yet I know it’s all out of love and she only intends the best for me.

  228. commented this on the giveaway post on your facebook.

    Rachel Munyon I love photography because it gives me a great way to express myself and helps me keep cherished memories. I love scrapbooking and framing as well! Photography helps me give beautiful gifts to friends and family that last a lifetime.
    2 seconds ago · Like

  229. Liked the THEIT facebook page

  230. My mom absolutely loves hand bags, and she is the reason i am the person I am today. I hope to win this bag so I can give her a great Christmas present!

  231. Louise

    Step 3: Raising 4 children have its share of obstacles and challenges. On the flip side, it’s the most fulfilling and gratifying role in my life. What I learned is to be present in their lives and when all else fails, just love them. Somehow, there’s always enough love.

  232. Hi Annie – I completely feel like the minority here… 😉

    But hey, “Hot Papas” hardly get the credit that Moms do because Moms do so much and in so many ways to even describe.

    Should your random draw pick my name, I’ll create a video that pays tribute to this giveaway. How’s that for giving back to our photography community? 🙂

  233. I “liked” annie tao photography on fb (my username is Nate Kelsie Christensen) and made a comment 🙂

  234. “liked” theit bags on fb

  235. i am currently cooking my first little bun in the oven and it’s already been an adventure! sometimes i’ll be in class when she’ll kick me way hard in the ribs and i almost fall off my chair. let’s just say i get stares from my classmates 🙂

  236. lovely pictures. Keep bloging 🙂