A Side by Side Print Comparison

This is a post for my client who is ordering a 20×24″ professional print, but she wants to see the image in both Color and BxW.  I thought it may be interesting to post, so you can look for yourself…and weigh in, if you’d like!

Here is a side-by-side comparison.

I have a favorite.  Do you?


Here are the images in a larger size if you need to see more details…



I think the decision comes down to what you want to notice more.

**Read my thoughts below AFTER you’ve formed your opinion, so I don’t sway you!**

With the color image, I notice the window and the surroundings, and it makes me wonder where they are.  I love the color processing and I notice a lot of details in the image.

With the monochromatic version, my eyes go straight to the kids’ faces, and it makes me wonder what is making them smile so wide.  (Their parents were doing something funny!)  You do lose a bit of detail, like you don’t notice how the boy has one foot on his other leg as much as in the color version; however, you also don’t get distracted by the window and the reflection within it.

So what is your favorite?

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  1. Color… the green window n texture of the wall stand out so much better in color, gives the picture a life of it’s own 🙂

  2. I like the color version… I feel that in the bw the little girl gets lost with the wall

  3. amy n (san carlos)

    I LOVE the color version (but the BW is nice, too, of course!). The green window frame, purple flowers on the little girl’s dress and pink shoe peeking out make it so interesting!

  4. Gabrielle

    Like color version! It gives a special touch to the picture.

  5. Joe Garner

    Both are fine, depending on frame and display location. Sepia with subdued color on window would also work well.

  6. color! definitely!

  7. Ann Reilly

    I like the color one better too. The muted tones don’t overwhen the children but the green draws me in to really look at the picture is detail for some reason. The little girl’s dress has just enough color to make me smile as much as they are.

  8. Florence lee

    Definitely color!

  9. Color.

  10. Agreed. Color.

  11. Theprezz

    Another vote for the color version. It brings out the warmth of the children’s faces and I love the colored flowers of the little girl’s dress.

  12. Cathryn


  13. I love the color!!! I see the kids facing lighting up and I do wonder where they are and what is making that big smile!