Styled Shoot: Miss Kaitlyn

Most of my clients book Lifestyle Photography, but sometimes it’s nice to sprinkle some styled shoots into the mix.

Here was an unplanned styled shoot of Miss Kaitlyn, my sweet sweet stepdaughter who visited us over Thanksgiving.  (I have SO MUCH to be thankful for!!!)  Kaitlyn saw some of my photos and asked to have a shoot of her own.  Yessirreebob!  I was overjoyed to do it!

Kaitlyn, Au Naturale


Here is what I had to work with:

Kaitlyn brought one pair of jeans, hot pink sweatpants, Crocs, comfy sneakers, a studded tank, several graphic t-shirts, a retro-patterned dress and a colorful fleece hoodie… typical things for a 10 year old.  The weather was cold and cloudy, and looked like it was about to rain.

Here is what I did:

I had her wear her most basic pieces (the tank and jeans).  I then grabbed accessories out of my own closet, a pair of lace up military boots, my favorite Nikon body, a couple portrait lenses, and a reflector.

I had one night to conceptualize the shoot based on my beautiful model.  Kaitlyn has long flowing hair, perfect porcelain skin and the gentlest eyes and smile.  I knew I wanted to highlight those features while also glamorizing her a bit since I wasn’t shooting school portraits!   🙂

I chose an area with lots of trees and colorful leaves to take advantage of the environment and time of year.

The Transformation

Preteen-model-styled-photography-standing-with-jeans-and-tank Preteen-model-styled-photography-standing-with-hat-and-scarf_2


Preteen-model-styled-photography-dressed-in-green-serious Preteen-model-styled-photography-dressed-in-green-laughing


Preteen-model-styled-photography-dressed-in-beige-looking-down Preteen-model-styled-photography-dressed-in-beige-smiling-at-me



[Photography Tip: A styled photoshoot requires having creative vision and being a Director on a set.  Props and accessories are also more important here than for other types of shoots.  Common styled shoots are model shoots as well as seniors, boudoir, newborn and couture bridal sessions.]

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  1. Lawrence

    So pretty! Love everything about the shoot and kaitlyn, you look fabulous in every shot!!

  2. Sabra Back

    Absolutely BEAUTIFUL!!! I learn so much from your Facebook Blog.Thank you so very much for letting me see through your eyes.

  3. Kaitlyn looks so grown up – she could easily have a career as a model! Annie – fabulous pictures as always!! So impressive.

  4. Melissa

    Wonderful tips and shots, what a pretty girl – I love the style tips on the fly.

  5. So pretty! I love the military boots look.