Furry Face Harley

There is so much character in a face.

Not just from the distinctive features themselves, but also in the way one holds a glance or closes one’s mouth.

This is true for furry faces too.


This week’s I Heart Faces theme is “Furry Faces”.  (I love furry faces!!!)


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  1. wow! wonderful photo!

  2. a danny devito look (when he still took on those dramatic strong roles, mind you!)

  3. I bet that he is outside enjoying the beautiful day! I can only imagine what he is looking at….It’a a dogs life!!!

  4. Fred Kerr

    This is probably (IMHO) the best picture of Harley that’s ever been taken! Thanks, Annie, from all of us (and from Harley) for posting this picture … “the look”… on your blog.