Soft Spot

I have such a soft spot for dads who are emotionally connected to their kids.  Seriously…it melts my heart.

There was a lot of melting going on in my San Francisco Bay Area family photography session with The S Family yesterday!

Nothing but love.

Sometimes it’s in the way they talk to their kids — without even uttering the words “I love you”.


You can see True Love by the way people have physical contact… like the way they lean into each other.


Sometimes I see love in the way they hold hands…

Or the way a child grabs hold of their father like they won’t ever let go.

East-Bay-Lifestyle-Family-Photography-father-holding-his-kids-hands-and-walking-downhill East-Bay-Lifestyle-Family-Photography-daughter-cracking-up-with-dad-BxW

It’s All In The Face

I love children’s faces.  Kids never fake their emotions.

East-Bay-Lifestyle-Family-Photography-toddler-girl-looking-down East-Bay-Lifestyle-Family-Photography-toddler-boy




Watching Over You


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