An Abundance of Love

Today’s San Francisco lifestyle photography session was of a couple who are looking to adopt a baby and need photos for their adoption book for prospective birth parents.

Catherine and Jarrod had sooooo much love for one another and life in general that I could feel it!

They would be thoughtful, kind, loving parents.  I know it!  It is my mission to help them, even if it’s just to capture their love and cheerful spirit in my photos.

Jarrod and Catherine







Adoption Agencies and Prospective Birth Parents:  Stop.

Look no further.  Meet Catherine and Jarrod.   🙂

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  1. Tracy S

    I hope they get the baby of their dreams! What a wonderful spirit they have, and you captured it in your amazing photographs!

  2. Best wishes. Their love for each other shows deeply from your images. Good luck on your adoption.

    • I’m so glad you think so, Ria. It was my goal to get them to feel relaxed enough to let their feelings show during the shoot, so I could capture them!

  3. This is absolutely wonderful! The 4th one from the bottom looks like a magazine cover. I hope they get what they are looking for 🙂

  4. OMG Annie! You are amazing, thank you so much! We’d love to connect with anyone thinking about choosing adoption! 888-302-4854

    Cath and Jay

    • Jane Phillips

      Dad and I have seen your interactions with children and we know you’ll be great parents. One of my favorite things in life was reading to baby Jarrod. I’m looking forward to more stories and books with the new baby of Jarrod and Catherine. Dad can’t wait to mentor a new golf buddy!

  5. Beth kilgore

    You both l

  6. Beth kilgore

    You both look wonderful! I’m so excited, these really show the loving, fun home you have!

  7. Tracey & Matthew Ganis

    Your eye captured the love they share. Our family is so excited for them.
    Tracey & Matthew

    • It sounds like Catherine and Jarrod are not the only ones who would shower the baby with love! It is so wonderful.

  8. jackie hull

    Annie, beautiful work! You have done so well capturing Jay and Catherine! Thank you so much! Your help with these photos in the adoption process is very appreciated by all of our family.

    • Thanks, Jackie! Just wait til you see their entire gallery (hopefully later this week). There are so many sweet images… and they all represent who they are as a couple and show what kind of love the baby would experience!

  9. Susan Hull

    Annie you did such an amazing shoot, you can really feel their personalities through your photos…I am so excited for Catherine, Jarrod and our whole family!

  10. Judy and Rich Enners

    Jarrod and Catherine are a beautiful, loving couple and would make wonderful parents ready to welcome a lucky child. The photos are both beautiful and expressive of their love and devotion to each other. Jarrod’s parents, Jane and Rick, are so supportive and look forward to being caring, loving grandparents. This is a great family to be welcoming a new child/grandchild.

    Best Wishes now and in the future. Judy and Rich

  11. Karen Hull

    The pictures are fabulous and truly depict the love of Cath and Jay! They will make amazing parents and our whole family is excited to meet the newest member of our family!