Enjoying Everyday Activities

Yesterday’s San Francisco Bay Area lifestyle family photography session was full of warm beautiful moments from doing everyday activities.  It was just two doting parents, a happy toddler and a couple of his favorite objects at the park!

Putting on Socks

Zac’s smiley face is such a sweet contrast to his parents’ serious and focused faces!

Hugging His Blanket

Zac’s blanket is light blue… no, grey… er, bluish-grey with brown spots?  Well, the original color is a mystery, but that’s because it is well-loved!  🙂


Being Upside-Down


This is Ariel’s cousin:  Zac the Merman.

“Help!  I’m in jail!”

Flying Baby, Stork-Style

Climbing on a Fence


It’s hard to believe this little guy is the same person I photographed 2 years ago!  (Click here to view some of Zac’s newborn photos!)

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  1. i+i

    Super cute, Annie!


    Lovely pictures, love them all. I enjoyed colors and composition