Metal Prints

Presenting one of the coolest print products around:  Metal Prints!

Metal Prints are sleek.  Modern.  Unique.  They render colors beautifully.  They are Gorgeous with a capital G!

Metal Prints are photographs that are printed directly onto metal.

Once you hold one in your hands, you’ll want to touch it over and over, I swear!  That’s what I did.


The corners are rounded for heightened coolness… and I SUPPOSE for safety too!  😉

For the holidays, I created 6×6 and 5×7 metal prints and added a magnet in the back.  They make terrific gifts!  You can also display them with an easel for these smaller sizes too.

*NEW Metal Bracket*

For larger sizes (8×8 and larger), there will be a metal bracket added to the back for a super cool way to hang it on a wall!

(You can still opt to have a bare metal back, if you know you’d like to display your metal print on an easel or leaned against something for a table or shelf display.  Just let me know when you order it.)


Annie-Tao-Photography-products-metal-print-with-bracket-5  Annie-Tao-Photography-products-metal-print-with-bracket-1

There is an opening with teeth for stability when hanging and rubber feet on the bracket to protect your wall from scratches.


[For pricing and size information, email me or to see the full product list, click here to go to my Products Page.]

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