7 Lifestyle Photography Tips

My latest article for DPS was just published!  I’m gonna do a flying side kick… KI-YA!!!!  So excited.

Click here to read the article on the DPS website.  If you haven’t checked out this website yet, you should.  There are TONS of great info there — and some cool writers too.   😉

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  1. Great tips! I start taking photos before my cameras out of the bag…lol…

  2. Donene

    Annie this has become my favorite type of photography. Thank you for the pointers as they have helped validate that what I have been doing is working.

  3. Richard

    Thanks for all the tips, especially like photo #4 “Help create the mood” so touching brought tears to my eyes. Aloha

  4. Love this! You are one of my go-to photographers the night before a photo shoot.