The Way He Looks At Her

There is something in the way he looks at her that makes her laugh instantly.

Sherie and Jeff are one of the most genuine couples you’ll meet.  They tease each other, they talk about everything (and I mean EVERYTHING, including dolls that poop), and most importantly, they laugh together.  Having been married almost 10 years, I believe that laughing together is simultaneously healing and bonding.   🙂

Here is a peek from last night’s Engagement Photography session in San Francisco.  You gotta see it!


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  1. Sherie

    We can’t wait to see all the moments you were able to capture. We had a blast! You have a way of making us feel at ease with you. 🙂

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  3. Nelson Vélez Ortega

    ANNIE. He observado con detenimiento tus hermosas fotos y que en buena medida el resultado final radica en que el entorno hace parte de la composición, engalanando de esta manera la escena fotográfica. FELICITACIONES. Con aprecio, un amigo en la distancia. Nelson