Taste of Tuscany

Sometimes you choose a location and end up shooting somewhere else.  The reason for this is usually due to light, but sometimes it’s because of an activity that happened organically.  Sometimes it is to avoid a crowd.

In Sunday’s Bay Area Lifestyle Family Photography session, I spotted this little area next to the parking lot.  It had great light, and I knew the textures would photograph well.  Once my clients arrived, I saw that their outfits and hair color coordinated well with the location — bonus!

I was so glad that my first-time clients didn’t think I was crazy for proposing this odd location, given that we were amongst well-known spectacular spots.  Thanks for trusting me, Lucy!

[If you’re wondering, I find a lot of inspiration in parking lots.  🙂  You’ll see parking lots in this shoot, this shoot, and this one!]

Glorious Parking Lot


I was standing IN the parking lot when I shot the image in the Top-Right!

Cheerful Sunshine

Little Arete smiled the BIGGEST smiles every time I looked at her.  She was cheery like the sun.

A Taste of Tuscany

I arrived early to scout the area, and I stumbled across this castle-looking building.  BOOYAH!  🙂

We had to walk a bit to get here since it was tucked away, but it was worth it!


If you’re a client, trust your photographer.

If you’re a photographer, don’t take any location for face-value.  Explore.  Keep your eyes open.  You may find a cool spot where you are standing…or parked.  😉

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  1. Lucy Littlefield

    Thank you so much for your talent and for taking these beautiful shots Annie… the light is just magical, it looks like a fairy tale.

    And thank you also for being such a lovely person, and so great with the kids.

    Yay for lovely photos, so excited to share with family and friends!

    • YAY! I’m so glad you love the photos, Lucy! I will finish your entire gallery soon, so stay tuned! Have a great Wednesday.

  2. These are great shots. I saw the last photo because you put it up on your Facebook. Love your passion, it shows through your work.

    • I am super passionate about photography, art, my clients and my business. Lucky for me, they are all wrapped up into the same thing! 🙂 Happy holidays.

  3. I am really enjoying the earthy tones in this photo shoot. Well done Annie!