Images that Sing

Even in complete silence, I sit here and look at these images taken from Sunday’s mini shoot of Thaomy, a radiant pregnant yogini, and I hear music.

The music is soft and slow, but the sound is clear as day.  It is lovely.  And it makes me happy.



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  1. Kaitlyn Hsu

    <3 Amazing pictures!

  2. Baby J

    The pictures you got of my mama are bee-you-tiful! I know my vocabulary for a toddler is quite exceptional. I am also surprised you got me looking at the camera because I was more busy playing than posing. My favorite part of the shoot was giving you hugs Annie because you are my buddy! Happy new year and I’ll let you know when I’m a big sis!

    • Thanks, Baby J! You sure articulate well for a toddler! 🙂 I loved seeing your family that day, but the very biggest highlight for me was when you ran towards me to hug me. Ahhhhhhh… what a lucky photographer I am! xoxoxo