Bamboo Isn’t Just For Pandas

CDs are a thing of the past as many computers no longer come equipped with CD drives, but they all have USB ports.  So I scoured the Earth for THE BEST way to deliver digital files to my amazing clients.  Presenting…. drumroll please....

Bamboo Drives!

I am so in love with these little guys.  No kidding.  I have one on my desk, just so I can look at it! 

They are made of real bamboo.  You’ll love it, even if you’re not a panda!  😉

There is also an aluminum clip, which swivels, so you can protect the USB connector when its not in use.

I will put your beautiful bamboo baby in an eco-friendly cloth bag, so it’s warm and snug while it travels to you.

I am so excited to offer these to my amazing clients!


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