Anna and Carebear

Almost exactly 2 years ago, Caroline was born to The K Family.  However, Little Caroline is rarely called by her real name that one day, she will probably introduce herself to others as “Bear” or “Carebear”.

Can you imagine the look on people’s faces?  “Hello.  My name is Bear.”  Heheheh, cute, right?!!

Things were moving steadily for Bear as she learned new things and discovered her love of Art… until last week, Anna entered the World.  Now Bear has a sister!

Oh, I can imagine the sorts of adventures Anna and Bear will have together!!!

Anna and Carebear


East-Bay-lifestyle-newborn-photography-toddler-girl-touching-cheeks-with-newborn-sister  East-Bay-lifestyle-newborn-photography-toddler-girl-smiling-while-holding-her-newborn-sister


Beautiful Anna

East-Bay-lifestyle-newborn-photography-wildflowers-in-foreground  East-Bay-lifestyle-newborn-photography-baby-bunny-in-basket



The New Family of FOUR


Congratulations, Brie and Mark! 

Anna Sophia is absolutely precious, and I am extremely grateful to be able to photograph such a special time for your family. 

It was also such a treat to see Caroline again… I mean, Bear!  🙂



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