Starbucks Commercial!!!

I am incredibly proud to be a part of this Mother’s Day commercial for Starbucks, featuring Oprah Winfrey!

Alright, it’s more like giddy with excitement!  I just skipped all the way to my kids’ school for pick-up.  🙂

Take a few of my FAVORITE things — children, moms, women power, education, Oprah, Starbucks, Chai Tea Lattes — and you get this commercial!!!

The commercial promotes their new product, Teavana Oprah Chai Tea Latte, and Starbucks will donate a portion of the proceeds to educating children.  Love!


[My photo is the one about “grandma” at the :20 mark.]

Happy Mother’s Day!!!

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  1. Toni

    Enjoyed the commercial, love the different Mom Settings. Found no fault In the “two moms are better than one” comment. I felt only the love, from Oprah, not a put down to single moms….Looking forward to trying the chi tea.

    • THANK YOU for your comment, Toni! I hadn’t checked the comments about the commercial until now and was astonished by how many people interpreted the “2 moms” part in a negative way. I thought the commercial had a heartwarming, uplifting message that there are different kinds of moms out there, and that they are all great!

      I don’t think Oprah would EVER endorse anything that sent a negative message about single moms or would say some family types are better than others.

      Have a great weekend and hope to see you around more on my blogsite! 🙂

  2. you sexest freaks tell that to my son he wants me over his mom so two moms isn’t better then one men power