Yin and Yang

I have been blessed with meeting this lovely family seven years ago and photographing them twice a year ever since.  (I get choked up when I think about how much their children have grown!)

This year, their two shoots were complete opposites, yet complimentary.  Yin and Yang!

At their last shoot, The F Family was in downtown San Francisco and it rained so hard that we ducked indoors the entire time.  This past weekend, it was gorgeously sunny with white puffy clouds.  It was warm, which is uncommon at the coastline in San Francisco, with an iconic Bay Area breeze.  The dense fog was there to greet us, then cleared, so we could see the entire length of the Golden Gate Bridge.  Again, this is something that doesn’t always happen.

With the weather being so nice, Kai, Maya and Nina, along with their parents, were able to do A LOT!

They flew kites, climbed rock walls, played in the sand, investigated marine life, and explored an old 1900’s battery (army artillery area).  Through all the activities, they were united as a family and relaxed to be themselves.



San-Francisco-lifestyle-family-beach-photography-two-kites-in-the-sky  San-Francisco-lifestyle-family-beach-photography-family-of-five-on-outdoor-stairs






San-Francisco-beach-photography-flock-of-birds-flying-in-the-sky  San-Francisco-beach-photography-surf-at-sunset


By the end of the shoot, I was covered in sand, my shorts were wet from the surf, I suffered a cut on my knee from kneeling for a shot… and I had a smile on my face the whole time.

I feel so much gratitude for doing what I love and having clients who have believed in me and trusted me all these years.  I realize they have watched me grow in my career (and grow old in age — haha) as much as I’ve watched their children grow.  And that is pretty cool.  🙂

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  1. I could not believe how perfect the beach was that day – warm, but enough wind for the kites to go way up; a little cloud cover for good light, but a wonderful view of the bridge… It was a magical combination and you can see it in these photos! We had a great time and will treasure these photos. Thank you Annie!!

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