Picnic by a Piazza

Lili and Eddie are more than clients.  They’ve become friends over the years.  (I’ve known them since their first photoshoot with me when Lili was pregnant with Benji 5 1/2 years ago.)

This year, I counted down the days to their shoot for the last two months.  I hopped over to them out of sheer excitement when I saw them in the parking area!  How can I explain this?  They’re the kind of people who aren’t embarrassed to show affection in public or laugh out loud.  They are passionate people with integrity and coolness.  🙂  And their boys.  Oh, their boys.  They are respectful and playful and thoughtful.  I adore them!

When it came time for their shoot, we decided to have a theme that reminded them of their recent trip to Italy.  Here’s the set-up:

Stopping for a snack on a sidewalk near a piazza in Florence, reading storybooks (set in Italy), and just being happy to be together.

Bay-Area-styled-family-photography-family-having-a-picnic-under-blanket-of-sunlight  Bay-Area-styled-photography-branches-with-tiny-leaves


Bay-Area-styled-photography-moss-growing-on-stairs  Bay-Area-styled-photography-lined-basket-for-picnic



Bay-Area-styled-photography-sunflowers-laying-on-blanket  Bay-Area-styled-photography-soda-and-cheese







Bay-Area-lifestyle-children-photography-boy-in-tree  Bay-Area-styled-family-photography-young-boy-snuggling-with-dad-in-blanket-of-sunlight





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  1. These photos totally took me back to Italy. No kidding! As always, you are able to capture the love and magic we share as a family perfectly. Our days in Italy were so special….but not photographed like this! My favorite photos are of B and his pear and the very last B&W one. I must admit, I also really love how the one of E and me under the tree turned out. I love his smile 🙂

    • As you can tell, Lili, I couldn’t narrow down your Sneak Peek! I decided I’d tell the story of the theme and then find photos that went with my story, but there are so many great closeups of your kids and the family. I can do an ENTIRE blog post on just you! heehee. I am still considering it. 🙂 I was also thinking of doing an entire blog post of you and E because there were multiple ones that were swoon-worthy. I love the passion you two have for one another… you can see it in your images! Love you two and your darling boys!