Let Kids Be Kids

With plenty of balloons, shiny confetti, markers, the comfort of their home, and relaxed parents, the kids of the L Family were happy as clams.

Lucy and Scott knew that they could plan and plan, but in the end, their photos would turn out best when they allowed their kids to be just that… kids!  Lucy even told me that the morning after their shoot, her kids asked if they could “do more photos with Annie today”!  That is the true measure of a successful shoot because it speaks to the family’s experience.  Well, that, plus the photos!  🙂

So check out this super fun Lifestyle Photography session at the L Family’s gorgeous home.  There were so many cute surprises!


Bay-Area-Palo-Alto-lifestyle-photography-gorgeous-woman-smiling-at-her-kids  Bay-Area-Palo-Alto-lifestyle-photography-plumes











Bay-Area-Palo-Alto-lifestyle-photography-garden-at-home  Bay-Area-Palo-Alto-lifestyle-family-photography-family-on-deck-with-confetti


Bay-Area-Palo-Alto-lifestyle-photography-succulents-on-dining-table  Bay-Area-Palo-Alto-lifestyle-photography-red-door


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  1. Your usual genius. 🙂 So great!

  2. Really, really love your work. Beautiful (and inspire the photographer in me) thoughts.

  3. Hello Annie,
    I saw your work quite randomly in a presentation today. The image I saw was of a woman walking her dog on a path with back light.
    I looked you up as I liked the image.

    Just leaving you a note to say you do great work and I love your use of DOF to capture a given moment.

    Images like yours inspire me to try new things.
    Good luck and keep up the fantastic work!

    Dwain Christensen

    • I’m so glad you visited my website, Dwain! Thank you for your kind words. So, just curious, what was this presentation about? And was this for a school or business?

  4. Andrew Turner

    Great photos as usual. Still have no idea how you get such great light on their faces. Looks like an overcast day, but the pictures still pop.

    It looks to me like your post work is a little different than it used to be. I don’t know how to describe it. Less saturatey, more neutralishy? Is that a conscious decision? Am I off?

    Thanks for posting.

    • Andrew, you are very astute! None of these photos actually show the sky, yet you can tell that it was an overcast day! (I can tell you’re a photographer!) Yes, based on the soft shadows, you can tell it was overcast. Regardless of the sun situation, I am always on the lookout for “good light”. In the series of photos with the confetti, for instance, I directed them to sit/stand there. If they had moved a little forward or to their right, they would have lost a lot of light and then their faces would be underexposed.

      So being on the lookout for “good light” and giving your subjects direction will help you achieve this!

      As for my post work, you are right! I love your lingo too — hee hee. It was more contrasty before because I liked the look of that. In fact, I do still use “curves” in Photoshop to give images more contrast. However, overall, my images have a softer, less “saturatey”, as you put it, feel to it. 🙂 I did that consciously after starting to do more Commercial Photography work. Businesses that used my images for print needed less contrast because blacks bleed into one another in print, thereby losing detail. Though my Lifestyle work for families isn’t used for Commercial stuff, I started preferring this less saturatey look. So that’s how the new post look was born!

      It’s really cool that you noticed this change. It shows that you’ve been following my work for a long time! So do you like or not like this new “less saturatey, more neutralishy” look? Or should I not ask?!! <:)

      • Andrew Turner

        I like both, honestly. When I saw these latest photos I thought that they looked like they could have come out of a magazine.

        Thanks for the reply.