All I Want For Christmas

Anthony, Elaine and Ian remind me of my favorite holiday song, which goes something like this:

(Imagine me singing this, but with a much better voice and a full band in the background!)  🙂

I don’t want a lot for Christmas
There’s just one thing I need
I don’t care about the presents
Underneath the Christmas tree
I just want you for my own
More than you could ever know
Make my wish come true…
All I want for Christmas is you.

The C Family are just like that.  They are happy just being together and need very little to laugh and enjoy themselves.

It is a joy to be around people like that.  What a great photoshoot to end the year.




Bay-Area-Palo-Alto-lifestyle-photography-man-throwing-a-ball  Bay-Area-Palo-Alto-lifestyle-photography-woman-walking-with-totebag







Bay-Area-Palo-Alto-family-photography-mother-hugging-son-while-sitting-with-dad  Bay-Area-Palo-Alto-family-lifestyle-photography-boy-showing-mother-his-book



And this NOW and THEN is for Anthony…  🙂

Look at how much your little man has grown from our first photoshoot together in 2008 til now.

Bay-Area-Palo-Alto-children-lifestyle-photography-young-boy-top-down-photo-2008-4yearsold Bay-Area-Palo-Alto-children-lifestyle-photography-young-boy-headshot-10yearsold

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  1. Annie!! I LOVE these photos! For three people who were all dreading having their pictures taken (especially that early in the morning…yawn) you made the morning so much fun! And those last two pictures of Ian made me teary. Our baby has really grown.

    • Elaine, you guys didn’t look tired at all! I know it was early, but the light is better at that time and there are fewer people. You just wait to see your close-up shots…. OOH OOH! You look GORGEOUS!

      Ian is such a sweet boy. I was thinking about his first shoot with me in 2008 during my car drive home. I remember how he INSISTED that you get a packet of the dried fruit snacks that he loved so much, so he could give it to me. What a cutie! Not a lot of kids his age have that kind of loving spirit and thoughtfulness. I still see that in him now, at age 10!

      I can’t wait to share your entire gallery with you, Elaine!

  2. Michele

    Lovely photos of a lovely family! Elaine is glowing; the boys are handsome! Miss you, Annie!