The Hungry Caterpillar

Alright, so Connor isn’t really THE Hungry Caterpillar from the famous children’s book by Eric Carle, but there were similarities, like they’re both cute, they both have little round bodies, and they both eat everything in their way!  😉

This shoot was for Connor who is turning one year old next week.  His proud parents are Chris and Connie, who have San Francisco close to their hearts because they grew up here and still live here now.  They even work here… in the same place actually!  In fact, here’s a fun fact:  Chris is a doctor and Connie is a registered nurse at the same hospital where I gave birth to my three monkeys!

Check out this San Francisco Lifestyle Family Photography session of a doctor, a nurse and the cutest hungry caterpillar in a cool, urban playground.








San-Francisco-lifestyle-baby-photography-baby-boy-standing-at-play-structure  San-Francisco-lifestyle-family-photography-father-climbed-tall-play-structure

Nom nom. 

See what I mean?!!


Oh no, not Snoopy!


San-Francisco-lifestyle-baby-photography-family-of-three-holding-hands-with-emotion  San-Francisco-lifestyle-family-photography-mother-snuggling-with-her-baby-boy

Disclaimer:  No playground equipment or animals (ie, Snoopy) were harmed during the photoshoot.  (Connor is teething!)  🙂

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  1. Glen Lutchman

    Amazing photos. However the most amazing thing is that Chris was able to get up that high on the Jungle Gym.

    • Ha ha ha…. Glen, you crack me up! He was up there for a LONG time too. He kept trying to get his baby’s attention, but Connor wouldn’t have any of that. Poor Chris. 😉 Thanks for the comment about the photos too!

  2. Connie

    Hi Annie,
    Thank you for the wonderful photos! I love them all! It was amazing how quickly you got our little guy to warm up to you! I guess I should have never doubted the skills of a 3 time seasoned mom! Thank you for capturing the essence of our hungry caterpillar. By the way, The Hungry Caterpillar was one of my favorite books as a child and now it holds an even more special spot in my heart!

    • That is so funny I chose “the hungry caterpillar” as the theme to my blog post of your shoot as it was one of your favorite childhood books! I love that book too, which is probably why I thought of it…because your little guy was nom-nom-ing on everything and is sooooo cute with his cheeks!!! 🙂 So happy to hear you love your photos, Connie!