The Cemetery Shoot

Q:  What do you do when your cousin gets a rockin’ haircut and visits you from the East Coast?

A:  You dress her up in your clothes and take her out for a mini styled session!

Q:  What do you do when you have only 1 hour for the entire shoot, including drive time, and the location you chose already has a professional photoshoot in session?

A:  Shoot in the adjacent cemetery, of course!

I know, I know… that sounds horrifying, but it wasn’t.  I promise!  Crystal was game for anything as having a Styled Shoot was completely foreign to her, so everything we did was fun to her.  (What an awesome model to have… one who is gorgeous, fun, funny, humble AND appreciative!)

We were also respectful of the location and tread quietly around the paths.  Crystal even said “thank you” to the cemetery when we left.  Now if that isn’t  a little weird  creepy  silly  respectful, then I don’t know what is!  😉  Love you, Crystal!!!  <3


East-Bay-styled-photography-woman-with-short-hair-squatting-with-full-skirt-2  East-Bay-styled-photography-woman-with-short-hair-squatting-with-full-skirt


East-Bay-styled-photography-woman-with-short-hair-playing-with-full-skirt  East-Bay-styled-photography-woman-with-short-hair-full-skirt-laughing




East-Bay-styled-photography-woman-with-short-hair-in-shadows  East-Bay-styled-photography-woman-with-short-hair-in-shadows-BxW

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  1. Lovely shoot ma. You inspire me a lot.