Styled Myra

I don’t want to be sappy, but sometimes I can’t help it.  When I think about Myra — my friend for over 25 years, a former roommate, a sister and twin — I sometimes get choked up.  I’d tell you more, but then I may have to find my box of tissues, so let’s skip the details of why she is an awesome human being and special to me.

Anyhooooo, she recently started a blog, cleverly titled Eat, Drink, and Be Myra (I came up with the name, so of course I think it’s clever – ha!), so this weekend, as part of her birthday outing, we did a shoot for her new business venture.

The shoot was sandwiched between giggles, eating, catching up, and eating again… our usual activities.  🙂

East-Bay-styled-photography-woman-punching-with-ringpops  East-Bay-styled-photography-woman-wearing-giant-gemstone-rings-ringpops


East-Bay-styled-photography-woman-with-guitar-walking-through-woods  East-Bay-styled-photography-woman-playing-guitar-on-bench


East-Bay-styled-photography-woman-with-hoodie  East-Bay-styled-photography-woman-with-hoodie-and-sunglasses


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  1. Nina

    Woke up to your wonderful gift to my awesome sister. Annie, you captured her in her true form. HAPPY!!!!
    I love her with the guitar on her back and those candy rings. Thank you for doing this for her!